Honey-Can-Do DRY-01234 Commercial Clothes-Drying Rack, Chrome

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Honey-Can-Do DRY-01234 Commercial Clothes-Drying Rack, Chrome

Honey-Can-Do DRY-01234 Commercial Chrome Accordion Drying Rack, 24-ft Drying space. Commercial-grade rack for air-drying clothes and saving electricity consumption. Constructed from steel with a gleaming, rust-resistant, chrome finish. Accordion design drops and locks into place; folds flat to 3-inch width for storage. Design allow for clothes and household items to dry draped or laid flat. Measures 41.5″H x 29.5″W x 15″D; limited lifetime warranty.

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Aurora Dawn says:

Great Drying Rack I bought this to replace a very similar one that my husband had broken (no easy task–this is sturdy, but he threw a 100+ pound bean bag on top of it). I went to retail stores and couldn’t find a high quality drying rack like this one and was very frustrated until I decided to see if Amazon could save the day. This is a sturdy rack and it far surpasses the traditional wooden racks which begin to bend and splinter. Everyone should own one of these–they are perfect for drying delicates and sweaters that are ravaged and worn out by the harsh effects of being placed in a dryer. This rack is sturdy, durable, and won’t snag clothes like wooden ones do. It is also better made than many of the flimsy metal racks that are available. The bars are fairly thick and will take a beating. I was happy to find this on Amazon and hope to buy another soon, just in case something happens to this one.

Frequent Shopper says:

Not so heavy-duty *original review from September 6th*(2 Stars)I bought this drying rack in hopes that it would last much longer than my previous wooden drying rack. It lasted 6 weeks before one of the poles broke loose from where it was soldered. Right now it is still functional, but it appears that the rest of the joints are soldered in the same fashion, so I do not have much hope that it will remain functional for long. It has not had any heavy use – only delicates and other light summer clothes.*Revised Review*In mid October I decided to revise this review because, as I suspected, the soldering on two of the metal dowels broke apart completely rendering the rack useless. But because a Honey-Can-Do representative commented on my review and suggested I contact the company I decided to try that route first.I bumped the stars up to 3 stars (would give 3 1/2 if it were possible) because of the great customer service by Honey-Can-Do. They immediately sent out a replacement drying rack when notified of the issues with the one I purchased. The second one had double the solder, and after more than two months of usage including heavy winter sweaters, I believe that this one will last a while. The only issue I have is that the black end caps keep falling out, but that does not affect the function of rack and it is easy to pop them back in.

Charles Darwin says:

Industrial strength drying rack, This is a heavy duty drying rack. The metal will take a lot of abuse and you don’t really have to worry about it bending unless you do something intentional with a lot of force. The chrome looks substantial and, at least at this early juncture, it appears you don’t have to worry about rust either.Oddly though, like other reviewers, I, too, received mine with missing leg caps. I called the seller on the phone and within two days received replacements via ordinary mail. Given that at least two other reviewers had the same problem, the manufacturer/seller really should look into their quality control operation. But as long as they make good on easily sending the leg caps, no problem—I guess. Hey, what can I say. Think Iraq war. Stuff just happens!Further, upon first opening the rack, it may appear to be too tight to open. This rack is not riveted. It has screws. Loosen the screws a little. But only a little. Like an 1/8 of a turn. And not necessarily all of them. Over time, this may result in the rack becoming too lose and you might start to lose screws. So, beware. Look at the screws each time you close the rack to see if any are missing. I guess it comes down to, if it was rivted, it would be cheaply made and unable to be adusted. With screws, it’s better made but you risk losing screws.All in all, I would rate this item as manufactured very well and very sturdy. The reason why I’m giving it five stars is because how easily the seller made good on its product. Had it been missing the leg caps and impossible to replace, four stars for the product and I would not buy from this seller again.

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