Hohner HAG250P 1/2 Sized Classical Guitar

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Hohner HAG250P 1/2 Sized Classical Guitar

Hohner welcomes you to the world of playing guitar. The Hohner HAG250P is a handcrafted classical guitar with an Agathis top back and sides. This wood match-up creates a crisp texture to the overall sound of the instrument. The smaller scale of this instrument (considered 1/2 sized) is specially designed with the younger player in mind and is highly recommended for the players that are starting between the ages of 5-9. This instrument also comes equipped with light gauge nylon strings for easier fingering as to not discourage the first time player. Hohner has a long tradition of supporting music education. While being in business for over 150 years Hohner has enjoyed creating instruments to help people of all ages express themselves through music. Most recently Hohner has joined forces with GAMA, an organization dedicated to bringing the joy of playing guitar into school systems nationwide. For more information on Hohner and their instruments please visit www.Hohnerusa.com

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disneylover "maryinfla" says:

Great beginner guitar! This is a wonderful guitar for a child. The size is perfect and it’s not to heavy for a small child to carry. The sound is in tune and is very pleasant. The guitar itself is built very sturdy…not cheap at all! It does not come with the strap that is shown with the guitar and the included songbook is just that….not an instructional book. The songbook comes with colored stickers that you place on the guitar to help you learn where the notes are, but the book does not teach you how to play different chords, etc. One more important item to mention: when I bought this guitar…it was shipped in its original carton with full pictures on the outside of what the item is. So keep this in mind if this guitar is to be a surprise present for someone. I learned this the hard way!

Anonymous says:

Great Beginner guitar I’m an amateur musician and when my son expressed and interest in learning guitars I check out some of the smaller guitars available. I purchased one of these for him. The action on the guitar is good and construction is top notch. The guitar stays in tune for ages (checked with electronic tuner after months of sitting around). This is not a toy but a real musical instrument. His did not come with a strap or a place to hook one. The neck is the right size for small children, I can play it, but it is hard cause of the tight string spacing. The nylon strings are good for young children since they do not have the strength in their fingers to press down on steel strings. If your child (age 6-10) is interested in learning guitar get them one of these and not a toy guitar. A toy guitar will just frustrate him and make him not want to play.

Anonymous says:

Wonderful Quality Guitar A friend of mine has a band and he plays guitar. He said this is the best children’s guitar he has ever played. It has a good sound and finish and you cant beat the price.

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