Guns & Ammo (1-year auto-renewal)

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Guns & Ammo (1-year auto-renewal)

This magazine is edited for sportsmen with an interest in the practical application of sporting firearms and emphasizes their safe and proper use. The magazine delivers an editorial mix that includes hunting, shooting, reloading, antique and modern arms, ballistics and arms legislation. As well, it contains information about natural resource and environmental protection, new products and trends.Guns & Ammo magazine is one of fifteen outdoors magazines published by Intermedia Outdoors Inc. and provides an overall view of the shooting industry for the consumer. It is one of the leading sources of information on new handguns, shotguns, rifles, and ammo. In addition, current legislative details and trends that impact the shooting sports and self-defense markets are documented.

Specific categories are covered in depth, from personal defense to the military and law enforcement. Guns & Ammo magazine takes the reader to the forefront of current controversies with thoughtful, concise information. Not sure which long-range cartridge is the best? Need tips on reloading your 12-gauge and 28-gauge shotgun shells? Want an insider’s view on how to buy used guns from pawnshops? Guns & Ammo magazine presents the answers you want and need.

Enjoy the unique historical content offered in each issue as well. From the eight most influential people in shooting history to the best military handgun to the history of the $300,000 Winchester rifle owned by the king of Spain, you learn about shooting history from a new perspective.

Guns & Ammo magazine caters to both the professional and the casual shooting enthusiast with commentary from experts in the fields of competitive shooting, ammo reloading, hunting, personal defense, and the military.

For both the amateur and serious shooting enthusiast, a subscription to Guns & Ammo magazine delivers. There is no better source of information available in today’s modern weapons marketplace.


John M. Lane "statesman and philosopher" says:

Best for Most Shooters GUNS & AMMO has been a part of the shooting scene in the USA for decades now. It’s sort of the industry standard for people like me who are interested in shooting, collecting and reading about what’s new in the field.If you enjoy plinking, target shooting, hunting and collecting, you’ll enjoy GUNS & AMMO. It is marketed toward the general shooting public.Its authors keep track of new rifles, pistols, shotguns, scopes and related optics. Its illustrations are first class and the authors who contribute to GUNS & AMMO have always impressed me with their knowledge of the field.Precision shooters, cast bullet shooters, military collectors, black powder shooters, cowboy action shooters, competitive shooters and law enforcement have other publicactions which are more specialized and tightly focused. GUNS & AMMO, however, always seems to have something of interest even to many of these more specialized members of the shooting public.I like GUNS & AMMO and I gave it five stars.

Steven R. Davison "NapyBlue" says:

Lower Price Available Shortly after ordering Guns & Ammo at what I thought was the best price I discovered that the card inside the magazine offers a better price. I tried canceling the order with Amazon nine hours after I placed it but it was too late. I’m simply posting this so others will know that you can get Guns & Ammo for $10 per year via the card in the magazine.

K. Kohl "Madhatter" says:

Best Overal Shooting Mag This is one of the best shooting magazines on the market today. Gives great reviews of low end and top end firearms

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