Gun Digest 2013

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Gun Digest 2013

The World’s Greatest Gun Book is Here Again!


Since 1944, Gun Digest has been regarded as the shooter’s No. 1 resource worldwide. Our 2013 edition, our 67th Edition, is nothing less, as we continue the tradition of bringing you more of everything that firearms fanatics crave!

In-depth articles about the world’s most fascinating guns, testfire reports on the latest models, insights about fine collectibles and one-of-a-kind custom creations, and round-ups of what’s new in firearms, ammo, reloading and optics from today’s leading manufacturers – you simply won’t find a more comprehensive collection of firearms information.

It’s all here!

Whether you’re interested in the latest tactical firearms or want to learn more about firearms or want to learn more about firearms history – or anything else related to guns and shooting – you’ll find it in Gun Digest 2013, 67th Edition.


Lynda Lowman "book yenta" says:

XMAS in JULY! What can I say? I’m married to a gun-nut! And he loves to pour over the Digest. He practically slobbers & drools when paging thru them. He swears by the info included and is constantly showing me items he thinks I would love. I do have to say for a non-gun person like myself; when I DO want some info, the digest is laid out very logically. Even I can find what I’m looking for. And the pictures are great. Some folks save Nat’l Geographics. We have a special shelf for Gun Digests!

Big Daddy says:

I am getting old The 2013 Gun Digest , still the bible of firearms products , seems to becoming duller ,or perhaps I am just getting older .I enjoy the reviews of new products and the ballistics tables , but am disappointed with the directory section of firearms .The photos there seem to have become fewer and they are certainly smaller , which as I get older , is much more difficult to view at their size now .I would like to see a table of new wildcats and improved cartridges as I am an incurable wildcatter . Particularly IMHSA .Also I have the feeling that due to deadlines the cartridge review is not up to date .Need to save pages is probably why the gun photos are smallHowever I wait impatiently each year for the latest edition

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