Guitar Mastery Simplified: How Anyone Can Quickly Become a Strumming, Chords, and Lead Guitar Ninja

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Guitar Mastery Simplified: How Anyone Can Quickly Become a Strumming, Chords, and Lead Guitar Ninja

Discover How ANYONE Can Quickly Become a Strumming, Chords, and Lead Guitar Ninja.

Would you like to know how to play the guitar like a guitar master and eliminate any disbeliefs that have been holding you back from truly mastering the guitar?

Sound impossible? Well it’s not…

Guitar Mastery Simplified, by Erich Andreas AKA Your Guitar Sage, is packed with the most important guitar lessons that will help you take your guitar playing ability to the highest level it has ever been!  Erich has taught/played guitar professionally for almost 30 years.


– Exactly “Where to Start?”
– The 3 Most Important Dexterity Exercises
– How to Play Open and Bar Chords
– The Power of the Pentatonic Scale
– How to Read and Play Chord Charts
– Guitar Fingerpicking Basics and Exercises
– The 6 Most Fundamental Concepts to Guitar Strumming
– How to Play Guitar Tablature
– Chord Noodling and Improvisation
– All There is to Know About the Major Scale
– How to Use a Capo The Correct Way
– Where the Notes Fall on the Fret Board
– How to Play by Ear
– The “CAGED” System
– How to Tune Your Guitar
– Relative Major and Minor
– Chord Construction and Building Seventh Chords
– Guitar Diagrams
– Diatonic Harmony and Guitar Music Theory
And Much, Much More…

You will FINALLY get to fully understand guitar music theory while at the same time learn all the important guitar chords needed to become an advanced guitar “ninja”.   This book is for beginners to advanced guitar players.

The solutions you’ll discover inside Guitar Mastery Simplified will have you on your way to playing the guitar like a true strumming, chords and lead guitar ninja!   The guitar lessons inside this book will have you rockin’ out to all your favorite guitar jams and songs in no time.

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Timothy W. Cook says:

Excellent There is A LOT of information available on the Internet about learning to play guitar. Two years ago I decided to re-start learning to play (to entertain myself) after being away from guitar for more than 35 years. I found, after trial and error a couple of online teachers I really like.A few weeks ago I found Erich’s website when I was looking for some country styles. I had been concentrating on blues prior to that. I liked his YouTube videos so I bought a couple of his modules. They were, well … ok. As I said, I had found a couple of REALLY good blues teachers.So, when he announced this book I was a bit skeptical. But, I thought I would at least check it out for $3.99.I kind of speed read through it and I am AMAZED! He has done an awesome job on this book. Not only the book. There is a ton of supplementary videos and other resources linked to just where you need them in this book.I HIGHLY encourage anyone just starting out to get this book now. For beginners like myself that have already gotten a head start, it has some good info in it too. More advanced players may not find it useful.

G-Man "Gary" says:

Guitar Mastery Simplified – a newbie perspective Usually, students want to start their guitar training by playing a simple song and working up from there. Back in the day, I tried that, too. I got frustrated, and put it away for many years. A few years ago, I took lessons from a very accomplished classical guitarist. Most of his students were in Junior High or High school, and his method may have worked well for that age group, but I am over 60 years old now.My frustration in the past was that I had no finger strength, little flexibility, and small hands.This course starts with basics like posture, anatomy of the guitar and the usual basics, like tuning, etc., but quickly moves to dexterity drills and other exercises to increase strength and reach — the things needed to play any style of music on the guitar. I have been practicing the exercises, and already feel like I am further along than I was with the expensive lessons.He also started with 3 basics of left hand mechanics: use finger TIPS to fret, fret just behind the fret, and keep some room between the neck and the palm of the left hand. Using those three tips, I have already improved.I skimmed over the rest of the book because it quickly gets into material I am not ready for. I want the music theory, chord progressions and it is all there when I am ready for it. There is depth to this material, so I will be using it for quite a while.This is an excellent book, with lots of encouragement from the author for the student. He has solid advice for everything except what to do about my small hands! I recommend this book for beginning to intermediate guitar students. There is a lot of material for advanced students, but I don’t feel qualified to express an opinion on that material at this time.I purchased the Kindle version, which has lots of links to other resources,

White Rhino says:

It’s all here. Everything about the guitar you maybe never asked. It goes from A to Z, all you need to do is add practice. For the price this is a book chock full of enough information to keep a beginner busy for many years. He even throws in a little motivation now and then. A beginner will have to proceed slowly because it covers complex ground very quickly. Some of the information herein will not be usable for a few years or even more. However, that is also a strength. If you have been at it for a while and want to retest your knowledge, just read through until you hit the part you never got through before and proceed from there. He also has all of the links for actually watching the various skills performed which is a bonus.His motivation is spot on. Practice will in fact get you there. That’s true in life. However, his example of Michael Jordan missed the mark a little. If you practiced as much as Michael and you were five foot eight inches tall it would be a little harder to get into the NBA. That said if you only buy one guitar skills book, this might be the one. I have been at it many years and have already learned some new things. The guy can be inspirational, which ain’t bad as a teacher.

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