Getting Started in Currency Trading: Winning in Today’s Forex Market

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Getting Started in Currency Trading: Winning in Today’s Forex Market

An accessible introduction to trading currencies

While the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market can be a very profitable place, you must have a firm understanding of how to operate within this environment if you intend on achieving any success.

That’s why you need Getting Started in Currency Trading, Third Edition. This reliable resource-written for both newcomers and those with some Forex experience-puts trading world currencies in perspective, and shows you exactly what it takes to make it in this field.

On the heels of the recent market crash, this fully revised Third Edition is filled with in-depth insights and practical advice that takes into account all of the recent changes in the currency market and shows you how to profit from them.


Andoko Darta says:

Good forex book does not always mean putting a hole in your pocket Novice traders and those with some experience could get a lot of benefits from this book without a lot of dollars.This book is divided into 6 parts as follows :1. The foreign exchange markets – forex landscape, a brief history and two ways to trade forex2. Getting started – regulations, forex lexicon, trading tables, a guide to forex brokers, opening a forex account and making the trade3. The tools of the trade – fundamental analysis, technical analysis, a trader’s tool box, the forex market place and retail forex platforms4. The complete forex trader – the plan, money management, psychology of trading and improving your trading skill5. Extra for experts – options and exotics, computers and forex6. AppendixesIt is nice to be able to download forms and tables in this book from its companion website. In term of delivery the author has managed to describe complex forex aspects into plain English.May the pips be with you!

Matty G says:

Balanced and More Than a Beginner Book The Getting Started… Series has a very specific template and follows the similar …for Dummies format. The author really shines in his tenor and script as well as his organization and dissemination within the framework but adds more depth than standard books in either series; they sometimes lack flow and cohesiveness. Some warnings: he has a large subject matter to cover and it is not one that should be learned from one author or book. In the same subject matter I highly recommend to supplement Forex Training with the educational online course at […], it’s free, incredibly extensive and excellent, save for continuously selecting the next course, a downloadable complete .PDF file of the course would have been nice instead of the sole web based navigation. This book works well as the replacement to having that course in a text format. This book strengths are its currency and applicability to the latest in platforms, brokerages, some web sites, and providing the background of many of the exchanges. The charts cut to the chase on pip pricing, Risk/reward ratios, and position sizing. Stop losses and Taking profit points are stressed as well. Weaknesses:For a true beginner student, I would recommend delving much deeper into fundamental and technical studies in other texts, this edition makes some excellent recommendations for those studies. Including John Murphy’s Financial Analysis of the Technical Markets, which I feel is the one book any trader worth his/her salt should have. Conclusion:I haven’t found a better book for currency traders in their larva stage and as one of prepubescent traders I enjoyed reading it and learned a great deal.

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