Game Machines 1972-2012 – The Encyclopedia of Consoles, Handhelds and Home Computers

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Game Machines 1972-2012 – The Encyclopedia of Consoles, Handhelds and Home Computers

The history of computer and videogames in detailed chapters, tables and over 700 exclusive photos.

Printed in color throughout, Game Machines 1972-2012 is the reference book for every gamer and anyone interested in the history of computer entertainment.

Following the success of the sold-out first edition, this updated and extended volume presents classic videogame consoles, handhelds and home computers along with classic software in all of its pixelated glory. From Atari 2600 to Nintendo 3DS, from Apple II to iPhone: among the almost 500 gaming systems covered are million-sellers and exotic variants, dream machines and bizarre oddities.

Previous international editions of Game Machines have been recognized as ‘a thrilling journey’ (Official PlayStation Magazine), ‘very entertaining’ (IDG GameStar, Germany) and ‘recommended reading’ (c’t, Germany). Now the vastly extended and revised 2nd English-language edition invites you on a voyage through the videogame ages – from ancient 4-bit times to the era of HD graphics and gaming networks.

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Anonymous says:

Dear All,This book is the best reference of video games. The book will start from the 1st video game in 1972 until Play Station 3. A well printed book, all in color. Picture for each machine with full details.Final word, I LOVE IT … I LOVE IT … I LOVE IT.Regards,Ibrahim

Anonymous says:

This is a fantastic book that spans EVERY game machine (including a huge number of home computers) from ’72 through ’12. Yes, even the Wii U is included. The vast majority of the book is dedicated to the classic machines from the 80s and 90s, which is what interested me most. Getting this book is a breath of fresh air, and I love the perspective of the home user.I consider myself to have a very good knowledge of this subject, and just flipping through I saw all kinds of machines and peripherals that I never knew existed. Fascinating stuff if this is your cup of tea. The photos are gorgeous, the articles well-written, and they have included a sampling of games for each machine. The book is printed on an excellent quality of paper stock. The colors really pop, and this one is an absolute keeper for my long-term “prize coffee table book” collection.I don’t have any real gripes, but do be aware that with the massive scope of this book you won’t get very deep into the details of any machine. But you will get a nice overview, complete with excellent photos. One other part of the book that I didn’t really care for is the very subjective star rating for each machine (1 to 5, just like an Amazon review!). Generally I agreed with these ratings, but there were some that I didn’t agree with (ok – the 1 star for the FANTASTIC handheld GPH Caanoo … really? That thing allows me to play 20,000 retro games for most of the systems reviewed in this book … I would say it is more like a 5!). But that is a very minor quibble – not a biggie.In summary, if you have that love of retro gaming machines then you will love this book. VERY well worth it – you are getting a great quality book (both physically and content-wise); WELL worth the purchase price. I can see myself having this on the shelf and flipping through it 50 years from now, assuming I’m on the top-side of the soil at that point. Highly recommended – enjoy!

Anonymous says:

Great book, very informative. Lots of great pictures and statistics. I have been searching for a book like this for a while. Thank you.

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