Game Guide for Skyrim ps3: The Ultimate Skyrim Strategy Guide with Cheats and Tips

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Game Guide for Skyrim ps3: The Ultimate Skyrim Strategy Guide with Cheats and Tips

The Ultimate Skyrim Strategy Guide

Skyrim Cheats, Tips and Strategies for the Ultimate Gaming Experience

Having a Hard Time Defeating Alduin?

Gaming should be challenging, but not frustrating. Sometimes in order to have fun playing your favorite ps3 games, you just need a little help; some friendly tips and strategies, and, okay, CHEATS that will let you advance like a pro and be able to brag that you saved Skyrim and defeated the evil dragon.

Within This Skyrim Strategy Guide You’ll Learn:

About Your Main Quests
How to Gain Infinite Skill Levels
How to Get Infinite Money in No Time
How to Get Infinite EXP at the Beginning of the Game
How to Get Yourself an Invincible Companion Dog
How to Prevent Fall Damage
How to Duplicate Armor Pieces of Your Choice
How to Get Unlimited Arrows with the Thieves Guild
How to Increase Your Pace While Sneaking
How to Get Unlimited Dragon Scales and Bones
How to Kill Those Nasty Draugrs Before They Get the Chance to Get Out

… And much more…

With the strategies, cheats and tips provided in this game guide for skyrim ps3, no one can stop you from winning awesome rewards within the game along with having the best gaming experience ever. Now, you’re truly ready to take on the world of The Elder Scrolls!

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Anonymous says:

I mean come on, taking from Faendal is the oldest trick in the book! I didn’t know about the rune trick though. Plus, the one with the speech skill hack is patched. You can buy this if you’re knew to skyrim, this would be useful to you. But I have played skyrim forever now and it is not worth $2.99. Buy it if you’re new to skyrim tho.

Anonymous says:

Don’t buy this a waste of money, doesnt’ tell you more than you already know if you were playing the game or what you could find on the internet already.

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