Full Sized World International Soccer Ball

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Full Sized World International Soccer Ball

This is for the Multi Flag Soccer Ball. It’s brand new and never used. As you can see it has a different flags from around the world all over it, like USA, Germany, Italy, Russia, Greece, and many more. Get it now and have fun playing soccer with this most colorful ball!

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Greg Fish says:

Dont do It!! Upon receipt I visually evaluated the ball and was surprized that the printing quality was so poor. printing was smeared in numerous places and missing in others. Then I inflated the ball using a pump specifically made for soccer balls and 5 lbs before it was supposed to be completely inflated, the ball popped. Obviously the quality of the printing was very similar to the quality of the construction of the ball. I spent money on this product and ended up with a very disappointed 12 year old girl.

Lynn Signorelli says:

The total letdown Our daughter recently made it onto the Class I competitive soccer team in our area. As a gift for our honoring her perserverance and performance, we ordered this ball. My husband put air into it – we gave a short speech to her and handed her the ball.It popped in her hands. She is a cool and fairly mature 10 year old so she didn’t burst into tears. Instead she tried to comfort her parents as we felt terrible.We will contact your customer service now as well.Lynn 510-525-2094

Sula says:

Popped on arrival We were unable to inflate the ball at all as it was loosing air while we were trying to pump!!

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