Fruit of the Loom Best™ Collection Men’s Muscle – White – M

Pinned on August 27, 2013 at 3:17 pm by Lisa Whorton

Fruit of the Loom Best™ Collection Men’s Muscle – White – M

NEW! Fruit of the Loom Best™ Collection – our classic sleeveless tee now looks new longer. This garment features a lay flat collar, reinforced seams and stays super soft, wash after wash. Also featuring our label free design, this garment provides cool lasting comfort.

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Eugene F. Leafty III says:

Better quality for less A couple weeks ago I bought in 3XL. It fit like a bag of potatoes, and the shoulders holes were way to wide and big. I’d be embarrassed to wear it in public. While I have a lot of muscle, I’m not lean enough that I want people looking at my gut from the side every time I lean over. This 3XL Fruit of the Loom shirt costs about $1.50 less, which is a big difference at this price, and it had me expecting less, but I was wrong. The shirt fits my torso much better, the shoulder width is appropriate, and the arm holes are small enough to keep my gut concealed and is hemmed with a material that’s similar to a t-shirt collar. I keep checking my tags and order history to check if I got things mixed up, but the less expensive shirt really is the better shirt. If you’re trying to decide between this shirt at the Russell shirt, buy this one.UPDATE: I’ve lost a little weight, and bought a few of these in XXL. My positive opinion of this shirt is the same for 3XL and 2XL.

D "D" says:

looks good for the price you can’t beat them, my son like them, they are comfy and fit well, they seem to be sewn well and the material is ok too

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