Franklin Sports Adjustable Rebounder (6-Feet by 4-Feet)

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Franklin Sports Adjustable Rebounder (6-Feet by 4-Feet)

Develop your kicking and trapping skills with this adjustable soccer ball rebounder. Features heavy-duty steel tubing; PE net with built-in target and bungee cord; and an adjustable system that allows for 90–45° angle ground or air ball return. Imported. 42Hx78W”.Hone your shooting skills without bringing a ton of soccer balls to the park with the Franklin Sports adjustable soccer rebounder. Measuring 6 by 4 by 3 feet (W x H x D), the rebounder instantly returns the ball to your foot after every kick, so you don’t have to chase down balls with every shot. You can also set the rebounder to return your shots in the air at a variety of angles for practicing other skills. The rebounder is well made, with a heavy-duty 1.25-inch steel tube frame and precision-fit locking pins. And it’s easy to pick your target thanks to the contrasting color target zone, which sits in the center of the all-weather 4-by-4-inch netting. Recommended for training, the rebounder also comes with four galvanized ground stakes.


About Franklin Sports
Franklin Sports has been a leader in sporting goods since 1946. Franklin provides a full range of products to Major Leaguers and aspiring young athletes, including gloves, bats, equipment, and more. The company prides itself on its ability to understand the needs of baseball players at all levels, from little leaguers to big leaguers.

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Donald Gillies "secretbearer" says:

owned it for a year now … We have used this goal every weekend for almost a year at the local park. The other goal was a kiddie 3′ x 2′ goal with 2 ski poles set into the ground (just so you know there are affordable 6′ goal alternatives).This is a GREAT goal for shooting practice, you get a solid rebound when you hit the goal, and it’s banked so it rebounds MUCH BETTER than a 90-degree vertical goal. You can turn it around and use it like a regular goal, too! It’s very sturdy with 1.5″ steel tubes, however, one of the spring-loaded pins broke off with a sharp point showing (not a problem as I haven’t taken the goal apart).After 1 year there is hardly any rust (it’s been a rainy year here in southern CA with 30 days of rain). It just BARELY fits into my SUV if I collapse the back (i.e. so the rebound almost faces up) so it’s almost flat (no space for rear passengers). That makes it pretty easy to transport 4 blocks to the park, and saves me time. The only way to improve it would be to make it foldable. There are 2 quick-release plastic collars (visible in photo) on the back to set the rebound angle <<<=== VERY QUICK AND USEFUL.It comes with 2 U-shaped aluminum pins to anchor it in the dirt, but it's hefty enough that it takes a real wallop (something a 12 or 14 year old could do point-blank) to move the goal. The heavy-duty black bungee cords work well.I did a lot of research, bought the right goal, and I couldn't be happier. Now I'm looking for a 12' goal to give my kids a greater challenge.

MD says:

Best suited for kids 12 yrs or younger Rebounder net was easy to assemble according to the directions provided. Frame appear to be of good qualtiy, however the netting seems a bit thin for heavy duty use. On the first day of use by my 15 year old son, he drove a shot into the center of the netting and it ripped, indicating to me that the device was not designed of old, stronger teens and is better suited for younger, smaller players. The net does round very well and works as intended, but I would recommend only for 12 yrs or younger.

"marsha1745" says:

Great fun! It took my son and me about 45 to put it together; that was actually quite a lot of fun in itself. It really works! You kick and ball into it and it sends it right back. My 7 year old said, “I don’t need a goalie!”

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