Forex Range Trading With Price Action – Forex Trading System

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Forex Range Trading With Price Action – Forex Trading System

Forex Range Trading With Price Action


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Nicholas J Pace says:

Again, another winner! Ok, well this is Mr. Damir’s latest book and has been very helpful to me. His other books emphasize trend trading, which many great traders abide by and has attributed to their amazing success (i.e. Richard Dennis, Louis Bacon, Jerry Parker, etc). Mr. Damir does a fantastic job of teaching someone how to profit in trend environments in his previous books and I highly encourage anyone who wants to become a better trader to pick one up! Ok, so what if there is no trend? That is what this book is perfect for! Trading a range when no trend is present. Why sit on the sidelines and wait for a trend when you can range trade and make some serious pips! Mr. Damir uses many clear, concise, step by step examples and many illustrations from currency pair charts. This makes learning the material very concrete and easy! A must have!

Tid says:

Great series Another great addition to the authors previous ebooks. I literally made the cost back using this setup before I finished reading the entire book. I have been up and down(mostly down lol) in my trading since I started trading, trying different methods or my own and overall failing. I especially like the lack of indicators used in his books . Before I continue rambling I’ll stop here and just say thanks for the entire collection, wish I had them a long time ago. Is there any talk of a hard copy compilation?

S. Derbal "numoon" says:

Simple and Straight to the point I like Laurentiu’s writing style , he introduced the ranging markets and how price action behaves in such market conditions and then he follows up by showing exact entry points as well as profit targets and stop loss positions .I would recommend his mini books to any newbie trying to dive into the magical world of forex trading .

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