Follow Price Action Trends – Forex Trading System

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Follow Price Action Trends – Forex Trading System

Follow Price Action Trends




Chris Diamond "Time Management/ Personal Prod... says:

This does indeed work! This book convinced me to remove all the indicators from my charts and has given me a very solid and clean method to analyze what price is doing just by looking at a simple chart. Now, I can see with just a quick look if there is a trend, how strong it is, how to label the trend’s waves, if the trend is about to change, or if the pair is ranging.It also gives very detailed explanations about how and when to enter a trade, where to set the stop loss and when to exit.At the moment, I am trading on a demo account, but I think I will start to trade live with this strategy pretty soon. Made 3 trades with this since I read it, they were all winners with a total gain of almost 600 pips so I guess I can say this book almost does what it advertises.Highly recommended!

GolfPro says:

Follow the Price Action One of the best no nonsense book I have studied about Currency trading. It is brief, concise and a very easy read. I have not been disappointed with any of Laurentiu’s books…

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