Fleshtube Anus’

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Fleshtube Anus’

Housed in stylish, igloo-like casings are 9.5 inch labyrinths you’ll love to explore. They’re crystal clear so you can visualize the inner layout and observe every stroke leading up to the explosive climax. Each humanly design has its own unique terrain that supersedes reality. Once you’ve tried one you’ll want to try them all!
Care: If cared for properly, your FLESHPAL can last a long time. Simply rinse with warm water to clean and sanitize using a little isopropyl alcohol. Do not clean with soap, as it will break down the fleshy material. Always let the insert dry completely before putting it away.
Lubes: This product is compatible with all water-based lubricants. Oil or silicone-based lubricants can cause the material to break down.

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