Fishing With a Worm (Classic Reprint)

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Fishing With a Worm (Classic Reprint)

The last fish I caught was with a worm. Izaak Walton. A defective logic is the born fishermans portion. He is a pattern of inconsistency. He does the things which he ought not to do, and he leaves undone the things which other people think he ought to do. He observes the wind when he should be sowing, and he regards the clouds, with temptation tugging familiarly at his heartstrings, when he might be grasping the useful sickle. It is a wonder that there is so much health in him. A sorrowing political economist remarked to me in early boyhood, as a jolly red-bearded neighbor, followed by an abnormally fat dog, sauntered past us for his nooning: That man is the best carpenter in town, but he will leave the most important job whenever he wants to go fishing. I stared at the sinful carpenter, who swung along leisurely in theM ay sunshine, keeping just ahead of his dog.
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Raven says:

amusing book about fishing for brook trout with a worm Half personal musings, half instruction, this is an interesting little book about fishing.I’m surprised how much I enjoyed it, especially given that I’m not all together convinced I like fishing yet. But when the author laments against ‘fishermen who always fish as if they were being photographed’, how could I not chuckle.Using the Taylor Brook as an example, the author promotes the use of a worm where the dense undergrowth prevents fly fishing. The only real problem is that, after reading this book, I find out we don’t have any black-backed, orange-bellied or brook Trout locally. So I have not had a chance to test the methods discussed in this book.The formatting on the Kindle is not good. No interactive menu, no easy way to navigate between chapters using the 5-way controller, and no pictures. However, as far as I can tell, there are no errors with the text.

Anonymous says:

The book is an interesting excursion back to the fishing styles of the past. If you are looking for tips and strategy, it is pretty sparse. But it you are interested in the history of fishing and the memories of fishermen who have found the sport engaging and satisfying, you’ll like the book. I would suggest books by Roderick Haig-Brown for fishing literature with a little more literary style.

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