Fetish Fantasy O-Ring

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Fetish Fantasy O-Ring

Get your lover to open wide and say “ahhh” with this naughty o-ring gag with nipple clamps. the gag consists of a small metal o-ring wrapped in leather, connected to two sturdy leather straps. two chained nipple clamps keep your nipples perky, and the coated clamps easily adjust to fit your desired tension. the leather straps adjust to fit most sizes, pulling the ring tight and keeping the mouth open wide. you’re in control over when and how often your lover speaks…what you do next is up to you! PLEASE NOTE: Open-bust top and underwear not included

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Nickle says:

You do not get everything that’s pictured! The sexy straps around the breasts and neck, along with the gag and nipple clamps look amazing. I couldn’t wait to see my woman looking just like the girl pictured on the box. Well, you don’t get all of that. And, sure, they don’t specify that you do but the picture is deceiving and eludes you to believe this is a ‘set’ of bondage equipment. The box was shipped in plastic bag, so the box was completely crushed when it got to our home. I’m in the process of sending it back, but I’m receiving resistance from the company. Be careful with this seller.UPDATE: After I asked for a return due to the misleading description (which is now fixed), I was personally attacked in numerous emails from this seller. I’ve forwarded those emails on to Amazon and I’d be happy to show anyone else those emails if you’d like. This seller doesn’t know what professionalism means. They say the box was crushed because they want to ship it cheap. Well, if you’re going to sell product and be full aware it’s going to be damaged, then let the buyer know before hand. The emails just keep coming from this woman and all I simply wanted was a refund. Beware!

Lisa Martini says:

Happy Customer – Jim Martini Purchased this item for my wife. We have tried nipple clamps before and she has VERY sensitive nipples, so most of them are just too tight for her to use. These have a very nice adjustment and were comfortable enough for her to use and enjoy. The gag ring is wrapped, so it doesn’t scrape against teeth, so it can be worn longer with more comfort. It is however small, outside diameter of 1 3/4″ with an inner diameter of 1 3/8″. When worn it is VERY visually appealing (at least IMHO) and as normally happens, when she lifts her head during orgasam, it gives a wonderful tug on the clamps, adding extra stimulation. I would love to do a video review, but I don’t think it would pass the censors!

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