Every Kid’s Guide to Making and Managing Money (Living Skills)

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Every Kid’s Guide to Making and Managing Money (Living Skills)

Age Level: 6-12

The Living Skills books are a series of 27 books by award-winning author Joy Berry. Like all of the Joy Berry books, this series stresses individual responsibility. The purpose is to help kids develop into self-sufficient, intelligent, independent thinking young adults. The books in the Joy Berry “classics” have sold over 85 million copies and helped hundreds of thousands of parents and kids over the past twenty years.

Money can be an important part of your life. It can buy many of the things you need or want. It can also help you do many of the things you need or want to do.
In Every Kid’s Guide To Making and Managing Money, Joy Berry will teach you about
• getting money,
• getting money by selling things,
• getting money by providing services, and
• using money wisely.

The book features colorful cartoons on every page that both amuse and engage the reader.

The 27 books in the Living Skills series are:
Being Special
Coping With Childhood Traumas
Being a Communicator
Responding to Danger
Decision Making and Problem Solving
Handling Family Arguments
Family Rules and Responsibilities
Handling Fights with Brothers or Sisters
Good Manners
Handling Disagreements
Handling Feelings
Understanding Human Rights
Handling Illness
Intelligent Spending
The Juvenile Justice System
Laws That Relate to School and Work
Laws that Relate to Kids in the Community
Laws that Relate to Parents and Children
Making Friends
Making and Managing Money
Understanding Nightmares
Nutrition and Health Care
Overcoming Prejudice and Discrimination
Understanding Parents
Thinking and Learning
Using Time Wisely
Watching TV Intelligently


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This book told me some jobs to earn money and to save it.This book taught me stuff I never new

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