Event Plan Professional Software; Event Planning Scheduling and Attendee Management Software, Windows Only

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Event Plan Professional Software; Event Planning Scheduling and Attendee Management Software, Windows Only

Event Planning software for organizing, tracking, and reporting all your project goals including users,

resources and status. Maximize resources with user-friendly features that help manage usage, workers, budgets

and resources. Program includes calender scheduling features.

your purchase includes 1 User license. Visual calender with custom coding. Schedule tasks, employees,

appointments, meetings, projects, telephone Calls, e-mails and more. Customizable fields, settings and tools

allow for easy management of resources, status reports and manage user rights. Align employees to projects

with customizable project statuses, project priorities, impacts, work time, to complete time,

Custom Color code calendar items for identification and easy reference.

Organize calendar items with labels including event location

Easily create schedules with one click by month, week, work week and day
Easily Manage an Unlimited number of administrator and staff details with user rights including: name,

address, phone, notes,

Manage Project and Schedule status: Not Started, In Progress, Cancelled, Completed, Next Action, Pending,

Waiting, Deferred, Requested, Approved, Reopened, Reviewed, Testing, Verified and Resolved.

Manage Priority of Project: Lowest, Low, Medium, High, Highest
Manage impact: Trivial, Minor, Moderate, Major, Critical, Extreme

Easily Print notes and reports

Easily Customize and control schedule summaries, types, progress and attributes.
Easily Customize and control Start date, End date, Due Date and notify date.
Easily Customize and control estimated time to complete, time spent on project and time left to complete.
Easily Customize and control Persons working on project: Project owned by, assigned to and Contacts.
Easily Customize and control project planned value, actual cost and earned value.

Print by listing type, genral information, people assigned, cost and value, or print the calendar item with

full details.

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