eForCity Silicone Horn Stand Speaker compatible with Apple® iPhone® 4 / 4S, Black

Pinned on August 13, 2013 at 8:38 am by Evelyn Rodriguez

eForCity Silicone Horn Stand Speaker compatible with Apple® iPhone® 4 / 4S, Black

Compatible With Apple® iPhone® 4 – AT&T / 4 – Verizon / 4S

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Bob Tobias "Robert Tobias" says:

A great travel speaker Firstly, this is not an amplifier. There are not batteries, amplification circuitry, or, (for that matter) speakers.What this is, is a cleverly designed megaphone and iPhone stand. It takes the sound produced by your iPhone speakers and focuses is like a… megaphone. The result is decent quality, room filling sound.The “device” is light and flexible, yet rigid enough to securely support my phone. I toss it in my suitcase without worrying about it being broken. There are no batteries or cables to worry about. And, for the price it can be replaced easily if I should misplace it.This has become a staple in my carry-on (usually all I take when I travel) since it provides a lot of functionality with almost no additional bulk or bother.[…]

Happy Shopper says:

Silicorn Horn Stand Very simple – this item works as it is intended. While in the holder my phone can be positioned horizontally and vertically with no problems. Also I played music on my iphone before and after putting it in the holder and the sound is much richer while in the holder. The item is made of a soft rubber material and the phone goes in and out without difficulty.

Ambrose "Software Designer & Armchair Philoso... says:

Awesome Little Doodad This thing is sweet. I love the texture–just grippy enough. I love that it is flexible and not fragile. And of course, I love that it WORKS! I didn’t measure it, but it makes a big difference to my ears. Might even say doubles the output. It’s great when simple, cheap products are so effective.BTW, wifey and I were goofing around–you can pull off the horn and use it as an old-fashioned ear horn. LOL.

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