Earnest Eats Granola Plank, Pomegranate Walnut Crisp, 3-Ounce Planks, 6-Count

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Earnest Eats Granola Plank, Pomegranate Walnut Crisp, 3-Ounce Planks, 6-Count

Our granola planks are the perfect way to enjoy tasty granola at home or on the go. Eat them straight from the package or warm them in your toaster. Crumble them over yogurt for breakfast, and ice cream for dessert.

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S. Brummel says:

yum! I like the versatility of the planks and also the quality. They stay fresher than a box of granola and you can eat them alone, or with yogurt, or milk, or other fresh fruit. it’s a good combination of grains, nuts and fruits.

James Todd says:

For packaged granola, this really is good. My wife makes the best granola. Hands down. We have a couple local restaurants that are close. If neither one of those are available, and I HAVE to resort to a package, these Pomegranate Walnut Granola Planks will totally do in a pinch. I especially like the instructions on the package… microwave if you want it chewier; put in the toaster if you want it crunchier. I also really liked the fact that it held together well so there was no mess.

Laura R. says:

Not good alone I would recommend trying this flavor and this product in the store before buying. The planks are chewy enough that they taste kind of stale just as a granola bar or snack by themselves. I suppose if you were hiking and really hungry they might taste better, but I bought them for a snack when I work the midnight shift at work. They are acceptable with milk or yogurt, but I could just as easily buy regular granola and not have to break it up (they don’t break easily). I wouldn’t buy this again.

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