Earnest Eats Granola Plank, Maple Almond Crunch, 3-Ounce Planks (Pack of 6)

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Earnest Eats Granola Plank, Maple Almond Crunch, 3-Ounce Planks (Pack of 6)

Our granola planks are the perfect way to enjoy tasty granola at home or on the go. Eat them straight from the package or warm them in your toaster. Crumble them over yogurt for breakfast, and ice cream for dessert.

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Evanston Mom says:

Great combo of yummy + healthy These bars taste great and are good for you. They aren’t loaded with sugars and preservatives like the ones on the grocery shelves. Instead, they’re loaded with healthy stuff that I appreciate, but for my 5-year-old it’s all about the yummy factor. (I have trouble getting him to eat breakfast before school, but he happily devours one of these in the morning.) Just out of the package is great, but heat in the microwave for a few seconds to make it even better. Crumble in yogurt (or ice cream!) or eat it on the run. Looking forward to trying the other flavors. FYI – The smaller, square bars are also quite good, but the planks get my top rating.

Jimmy says:

Good but not great Another over-priced “plank” by Ernest. Why do people like these? This is the 2nd flavor I’ve tried and find them to be big, thick “planks” of puffed up cereal with a few almonds sprinkled in and a few dried fruit pieces. When these are gone I’ll never repurchase. High sugar and carbs, way too much money and not worth it. Any chewy granola bar is a better deal. 2 Servings each? Then double the fat content to 14 grams and nearly 60 grams of carbs and 28 grams of sugar if you indulge and eat the whole thing! Holy.. Anyway, at only 6 per box you are ransoming your mother to buy these.

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