Dyson Aftermarket DC07 All Floors Hose Silver/Yellow #904125-14

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Dyson Aftermarket DC07 All Floors Hose Silver/Yellow #904125-14

Dyson DC07 Animal All Floors Yellow Stretch Attachment Hose / 1 piece – Stretches to 14 feet! 904125-14

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Book Jacket "Matt" says:

You get what you pay for – not worth the money I read the other people’s reviews, the complaints about the size of the tube, the loose plastic clip, etc… and I thought, “It can’t be that bad. Plus it’s almost 50 dollars less than the Dyson hose, so it has to be worth it.”Well, I was wrong. And the others were right. I had to fight just to get the wand to slide down the tube. Then I had to force the handle clip down to lock in place. Now it is on the vacuum, but I am hesitant to try and use the hand attachment because I don’t want to have to fight to put it back together.My advice is: don’t look at spending 50 dollars more with Dyson as a waste – look at it as a guarantee that you will get a hose that fits properly. Don’t buy this one..

S. LaBrant says:

DO NOT BUY THIS HOSE!!!!! When my original hose broke, I used duct tape to make it work until I got a new one (that was mistake number 1). When I received the new hose, I removed the broken hose from the wand, and the old hose ripped and the plastic got stuck up in the wand. SO, now I had a new hose with a broken wand. I was frustrated and was NOT going to buy anything else at that moment. I finally decided to buy a new wand (from Dyson). It just arrived and I was soooo excited to have a good wand and a good hose. Well, the Dyson wand does not fit into the hose. I used a little bit of Pam to slide it in. And the hose is too long. I cannot snap the wand onto the vacuum. And I am afraid that if I use all of my weight and shove the wand into the hose onto the vacuum, the hose will get stuck in the wand and I will have to buy another wand! Unfortunately, since I bought the hose a couple of months ago, I am sure that the return policy is null and void! I might check since I have nothing to lose!So, basically, I have just gone to the Dyson website and bought a Dyson hose for $46.94 that is for shipping as well.Spend the extra money and buy a real Dyson hose from the Dyson website!!!!!!!!BTW…I have a generic dyson hose for sale. You can let your kids play tug o war with it. Or attach a can to each end and pretend it’s telephone. Tape it to the back of your pants and pretend like you have a long stretchy tail….the fun is limitless!!!

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