Dockers Men’s Performance Muscle Crew T-Shirt, White, Medium

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Dockers Men’s Performance Muscle Crew T-Shirt, White, Medium

Comfort, style and performance best describes dockers performance underwear he’ll want to live in this soft t-shirt, sleeveless, this undershirt will be virtually unoticable underneath a dress shirts, he can also wear this super-soft t-shirt under a knit polo shirt for an updated casual look

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Groucho Marx says:

Nice feeling fabric – big arm holes… I have bought 2 of these shirts, one in a large, and another in a medium. I like tight fitting undershirts, and both fit me well (230 lbs Under 6 ft tall).Material – Good – although its got non-breathable materials in-it, it seems to have enough cotton to keep it ok. In mid-summer heat maybe a Pima Cotton would do better, but then again that would cost more.Length – Excellent – The length of the shirt is excellent, if you have a bigger midsection don’t worry because most likely it will fit you.Sleeve (Arm) Holes – Too BigThe problem is, the arm holes here are pretty big compared to what I was looking for. Prior to this I used Jockey undershirts that were sold as Walmart, and they didn’t have this problem… Now they don’t sell them at wall-mart anymore, and the other Jockey Undershirts are not exactly the same.It might be rare for someone to look for this type of shirt with smaller arm holes – but the reason I am is that a tighter fitting arm hole will absorb some armpit sweat, preventing a bit from reaching your regular shirt. Yes a V neck T-shirt is better for that purpose but a crew shirt like this is more breathable since its got no sleeves… a compromise if you will.Therefore, for my purpose I give this 4 stars, hopefully this review was able to help you in your search.

chuckalicious says:

great shirt I ordered the black, gray, and green shirts initially. I was very pleased with them – more so then I thought I would be. The fabric is thick with just a bit of stretch. They run true to size, and are actually rather long. Upon arrival, the fabric seemed a bit course, but it washes up nice and soft. They are durable and look fantastic.

Moocher says:

Excellent product Semi-form fitting, stretchy, soft, and very comfortable. I wish I had discovered these shirts years ago. Perfect for gym, undershirt, outside and inside, and sleeping. I have three from two purchases and am very tempted to order more even though I don’t need them.

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