Disney/Pixar Cars Soccer Ball – Size 3

Pinned on September 3, 2013 at 3:13 pm by Dale Masters

Disney/Pixar Cars Soccer Ball – Size 3

Franklin Sports Disney Cars Soccer Ball, Multicolor – Size 3

The Franklin Sports Disney Cars Air Tech Soccer Ball comes with seamless precision stitching so that children can grip, catch and throw the ball easily. Long-lasting air retention bladder keeps kids engaged in play. This soccer ball is durable, easy to grip and keeps kids entertained while in the yard, soccer field or park.


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California Tom says:

Ball is lopsided This ball is very obviously lopsided! Even to the casual observer, you can tell that it’s not round. That said, I do like the design and a size 3 will only be used for young (4-6 year old) kids so they probably won’t notice. I wouldn’t buy it if you’re serious about soccer though.

tanyaj says:

Dont waste your money!!!!! We needed additional size 3 balls for soccer and bought this because my kids still love Cars. THIS IS NOT A REAL SOCCER BALL!!! Its like a cheap foam soft ball and not as big as size 3. I wouldn’t pay $1 for this crap. I’ve sent it back and purchased a real soccer ball.

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