Director’s Showcase Elite 3 Rifles 36 Inch Stock Only

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Director’s Showcase Elite 3 Rifles 36 Inch Stock Only

Many of the top Drum Corps, Winter Guard groups and competitive high school color guards use Director’s Showcase rifles exclusively. This is because all Director’s Showcase rifles have extraordinary strength, durability and precise balance. We achieve this by using only the highest quality poplar and aspen wood to make our rifles. These materials also allow us to get the smoothest finish when the rifles are painted. Our hand-dipped painting process assures us that each rifle will live up to our high quality standards. Our rifles are individually crafted with care and attention to detail, making them the best line of rifles on the market today.Dale R. Powers – Director EMERALD MARQUIS Color Guard”The Elite 4 is one of the strongest rifles we have used in our 19 years of existence. Because the bolt is slightly shorter than other rifles we have used, we found this rifle to be better balanced and not so butt-heavy. Same weight, just more evenly distributed.”Bruno D. Zuccala – Color Guard Coordinator/Assistant Director, The CAVALIERS Drum & Bugle Corps: Rosemont, IL”In our 52nd season, the CAVALIERS Color Guard will continue to set new standards in the Drum Corps activity. The Elite 4 rifle, by design, will extend that aggressive/athletic style of our Color Guard.”Sal Salas – WGI Laurel Award Recipient, Director – MADISON SCOUTS Drum and Bugle Corps”Champions never give up. They don’t stop when the rehearsal ends, and their focus is unwavering. There are many characteristics of a champion: everything from their drive to succeed to the equipment they choose. Champions come in many forms. The Elite 4 rifle is the tool of a champion.”.

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LiiquiidKiitty says:

Fast and great quality I got this super fast. I was surprised it didn’t have the strap already on or the holes for it but o well it waay better without it :)

Angel says:

Not good-Misleading I’m very disappointed with this product. I order thinking that the riffle that I was getting was exactly as the picture, but no. The riffle that u got doesn’t have strap. My daughter had to borrowed somebodies riffle on order to get ready for competition. The company should post a picture without the strap and post the product also without the strap.

Sandy says:

Rifle Line! It didn’t come with a strap which really made it difficult for me because I had to go search for one plus drill the holes and put it on. But other than that, the rifle is pretty strong. You just have to follow the instructions and use strapping take where it’s needed.

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