Cyber Acoustics 4 Watt 2.0 Computer Speaker System – Black (CA-2014)

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Cyber Acoustics 4 Watt 2.0 Computer Speaker System – Black (CA-2014)

This two piece system is designed for those who are price conscious, have limited desktop space, want good fidelity and demand elegance. It is a work horse speaker that offers solid audio performance, built-in headphone jack for privacy (when needed), cloth grills and finger tip controls. It isa great speaker solution for corporate, government and educational needs.

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Silenus says:

Low Quality Sound Bought to replace HP computer speakers and shocked at the difference. I made the assumption after market speakers would be superior to the ones that came with the computer 5 years ago, but was obviously wrong. These sound like a pair of answering machine speakers. If you just need sound, any kind of sound, then they are a semi-cheap solution. But, if you listen to Pandora, iTunes, PC video games, streaming video, the Windows theme music when you boot up the computer, these will leave you very disappointed. The Hewlett Packard factory speakers were far superior, but decided to replace since their stands broke … should have kept them and just laid them on the desk.

Chris Meyer says:

Horrible speakers… I purchased these speakers for a new computer I was building for someone on a tight budget. When I got them home and tried them out, they were awful. If I turned the volume up at all, they distorted like crazy. I turned the volume level down on the computer sound mixer, but that didn’t alleviate the problem. I played all kinds of music on them (from classical to rock), but the deciding factor that these speakers were awful was when I was playing James Taylor at a moderate volume level and they were still distorting badly. I immediately boxed them back up and took them back to the store and exchanged them for Cyber Acoustics’ CA-3000 2.1 speakers (two satellites and a subwoofer). I highly recommend you spend the extra ten dollars on the CA-3000’s and don’t bother wasting your time on these speakers. If you really want only the two speakers, try any one of the Labtec Spin 50, 60, 70, or 75 speakers and you’ll get better speakers in this price range. These may have just been a bad pair, but I highly doubt it. I may be a bit of an audiophile, but, whatever the price, I cannot justify purchasing speakers that are constantly distorting.

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