Crucial 8 GB Kit (4 GB x 2) DDR3 1066 MT/s (PC3-8500) CL7 SODIMM 204-Pin for Mac (CT2C4G3S1067M )

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Crucial 8 GB Kit (4 GB x 2) DDR3 1066 MT/s (PC3-8500) CL7 SODIMM 204-Pin for Mac (CT2C4G3S1067M )

CT2C4G3S1067M is an 8 GB kit consisting of (2) 4 GB DDR3 Notebook modules that operates at speeds up to 1066 MT/s and has a CL7 latency. It is Unbuffered and is non-ECC. It conforms to the industry standard SODIMM layout of 204-Pins and is compatible with computers that take DDR3 SODIMM memory.

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New Mac Guy "MP" says:

I noticed better performance I was somewhat reluctant to order these as people were saying you may not see much improvement. I ordered and I am pleased with how much quicker the computer seems(just based on what i have done with some photo & video programs) and its just seat of the pants timing but after this manner years of using the programs less lag and spiraling wheel. I ordered another set for my work system. I would recommend these.

Anonymous says:

I bought this upgrade to the 2 x 2GB sticks in my Mid-2010 Macbook Pro 15″ i5. I had no compatibility issues and it produced a very noticeable speed boost. If you feel your Mac is in need of more memory, I would recommend the following to know if your RAM is the issue: Open Utilities folder -> Open “Activity Monitor” -> Click the tab at the bottom labeled “System Memory” -> Just below that, you should see a few sets of data…The important ones are:”Free” : If your “Free” memory is low (or 0!) you probably need more memory.”Page Outs” : If the “Page Outs” is high, this means that your computer is using hard disk rather than RAM for memory functions and produces a severe loss in speed.”Swap Used” : This gives a rough estimate of how much hard disk is used for RAM. This will give you a rough idea of how much RAM you should add. i.e. if this is 4 GB, then you should add at least 4 GB.You should check these numbers while doing the types of activities you normally use your computer for. Not just at idle with nothing running!As far as this item goes, Crucial is a known Apple-friendly RAM and is unlikely to give you any issues. It is also a high quality manufacturer and is much more reliable than some cheaper brands. Remember, RAM is dirt cheap these days so don’t save a few $$ to buy inferior quality RAM! You should just not buy any if you are going to buy a terrible brand.For people with a Macbook Pro, install is quite easy. You can find many manuals on the internet (I prefer iFixit). Don’t be intimidated buy installing it. You can save a lot of money by doing it yourself. If you feel uncomfortable, then by all means have someone qualified to do it for you.

Anonymous says:

My Macbook Pro was constantly crashing on me, giving me the grey screen saying that “Your computer restarted because of a problem.” It seems that I had a bad stick of RAM after running the Apple Hardware Test, so I decided to upgrade from the installed 4 GB to 8GB. The difference isn’t drastic, but it is noticeable. Considering this MacBook Pro (late 2008 Unibody) originally was supposed to be maxed out at only 4GB, later software updates allowed it to take the 8 GB that I installed, which was very easy to do. I imagine when doing photo or video editing the extra memory will pay off – for the price I couldn’t resist the upgrade. So far I haven’t had any Kernel Panics, and my Mac hasn’t crashed. I hope it doesn’t. If it does, I will edit the review at a later time.

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