Crosman 1077 Repeat Air Semi-Automatic CO2 Pellet Gun Air Rifle

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Crosman 1077 Repeat Air Semi-Automatic CO2 Pellet Gun Air Rifle

Class is out… or at least outside. With CO2 power and a 12-shot rotary clip you can put the maximum amount of lead down range in the least amount of time. With its rifled steel barrel and windage adjustable fiber optic sights you can ensure that you hit your mark every time. The all-weather synthetic stock design assures years of rugged wear and tear that will keep your 1077 looking good as longs as you own it.The Crosman 1077 Repeat semi-automatic air rifle is a reliable shooter that fires as quickly as you can pull the trigger. An exclusive 12-shot rotary pellet clip lets you shoot for longer, while a windage-adjustable, fiber optic CenterPoint sight keeps you dialed in and accurate. A rifled steel barrel and all-weather synthetic stock are eye-catching and durable, ensuring the gun looks sharp for as long as you own it.


About Crosman
In 1923 in Rochester, New York, Crosman was founded as Crosman Arms Company. From its inception, Crosman’s principal products were airguns and airgun ammunition. During the 1950s, new accounts included Sears Roebuck & Co., Montgomery Ward, and Western Auto, all of which sold Crosman’s products under their respective brand names.

In 1966, Crosman introduced its own Crosman brand airgun, the Crosman Pumpmaster 760, which has sold more than 11 million units to date. Crosman Corporation is now an international designer, manufacturer, and marketer of Crosman pellet, BB, airsoft rifles and pistols, Copperhead ammunition, and Benjamin pellet rifles and ammunition.

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CaMarriedGuy says:

Great Pellet Gun I just purchased this pellet gun for my 12 year old son after his old pump action pellet/bb gun gave out. This is a serious little rifle; great for target practice as it’s very accurate even at 25-35 yards. It’s rated at 625fps but I believe with a fresh Co2 that it’s a lot quicker than that. Just make sure that you have plenty of space or a safe, confined area to shoot. This isn’t a backyard city home .177I would also suggest buying the 3 pack of extra rotary clips. It’s easy to go through one of the 12 round clips in a matter of a minute. The gun comes with 2 and the extra 3 make all the difference when you’re out shooting.

donstein "Don" says:

Crosman model 1077 air rifle shooting considerations This ‘Crosman’ 1077 air-rifle is a 12 shot semi-auto rifle, and it is unique in it’s class.I mounted a ‘Leapers’ mil-dot 3-9×32 scope with an adjustable objective #A.O.#. This ‘A.O.’ feature on this scope, allows focusing from about 5 meters to infinity. The mil-dot feature in the scope allows for compensation of aim, by using 24 different ‘dots’ to aim with, without the need for minor scope adjustments. Again, this model air rifle is a ‘semi-auto’ air rifle and is similar to shooting a ‘semi-auto’ firearm rifle. By having this semi-auto firing capability, the need to re-adjust the scope is very infrequent. The Crosman 1077 lacks comparable power or noise of a firearm, but you can shoot it in the middle of a city. The 1077’s trigger has a slightly difficult pull, but it’s not too bad, and there is no recoil or ear damaging, neighbor bothering, report.Given the ease of use and rapidity of discharge, it seems great for it’s simplicity and convenience of use.Cost concerns come not through the cost of this air gun,#apx $68.00# or scope,#apx $55.00 with mounting rings#, but by my rapid consumption of pellets and co2 powerlets.The Crosman 1077 is not accurate enough for competition, nor is it powerful enough for hunting. The Crosman 1077 rifle, is however, superb for close range target practice at home. This is both my intended & exclusive use. I can consistently place pellets within a 1/2 cm pattern at 20 feet. For shooting at home, in the backyard or garage, this is close to ideal. The 1077 has enough power to be very consistent for about 60 to 80 shots #temperature dependent# before the 12 gm powerlet needs replacing. The loss of power is quickly evidenced during the last three discharges. This rifle also has an adapter to use an 88 gm CO2 cartridge, but I was only able to buy it at the same tine I purchased the 1077.The convenience of not having to travel away from home, involving time and cost, as well as ease of use, makes this the most often used rifle/pistol I own. {I own 5 firearms and 4 air guns}.The cost per discharge is very close to that of a .22 rifle, when combining the cost of the 12 gm co2 powerlets and pellets. There are no travel expenses, and these expense considerations make it comparable to the cost of firing .22 rim-fire bullets, minus travel time and costs. Try numerous pellets, “I prefer Crosman .177 caliber Premier hollow point 500/tin” & I purchase them at Wal Mart” for about $8/tin. Consider accuracy while also considering economics, and enjoy target practice at home with surprising accuracy while not bothering your neighbors.I shoot 500 pellets or more each time I use it, shooting at old magazines or ads which cost zilch. By using it at home I spend nothing in time or money commuting, so my time goes directly towards shooting.With layers of cardboard in front of wood slanted towards the floor, there are no ricochets and the only penetration is that of your intended paper targets and cardboard backing. I believe there is little, if any, environmental damage, but I suggest wearing disposable vinyl gloves, as I do, when handling so many lead pellets.By the by, I also bought the adapter to use the 88gm CO2 cartridges, 15 additional 12 round pellet holders, 2 additional magazines & a pellet ‘speed loader’. Darn, I shoot lots of pellets & have had lots of fun with this air gun.If you like shooting, don’t like shooting ranges #Reminds me of the Army# live in a city, value your time and money and also desire being a good neighbor, try this combination and I think you’ll find this a pleasurable, economical pastime.Enjoy!F/U, durring the 1 year warrenty period, I experienced the coupling, where the CO2 cartridge connects to the reciever, became obstructed twice. I contacted Crosman & they provided a list of repair locations. I sent the rifle for repair & received it back within a week both times. I did have to pay the $5 or so to mail it. I have never experienced a seal leak, but I apply a drop of Daisy air gun oil each time in insert a CO2 powerlet. Hope my experiences help with your decision to buy or not buy.Have great holidays..

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