Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller, 2-Pack

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Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller, 2-Pack


Presenting the one and only in-bottle,
drink-through beer chiller:

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Chillsner (2-Pack)

Chillsner by Corkcicle. Just freeze, insert into any bottled beer and never suffer through another warm brew. Respect the beer. Chillsner is perfect for parties, tailgating and pretty much any occasion where beloved beers are enjoyed.

Chillsner in Bar
Chillsner Detail

Drink through.

Four flow vents deliver a smooth, consistent flow of perfectly chilled beer with every sip.

Stainless Steel Frame.

Smooth, sturdy stainless steel frame freezes quickly, chills perfectly and cleans easily.

Airtight seal.

Once placed inside your bottled beer, simply press firmly to create an airtight seal.

Thermal Coolant.

Once frozen, proprietary cooling gel transforms Chillsner into an arctic-like cooling device.

Cold Beer. It’s a magical thing. It brings people together, helps them relax, gives “liquid courage”, and is a regular sidekick for many of the good times in your life. That sidekick is to be celebrated.

As much as beer represents these dynamic aspirational things in our lives, it can be finicky. When beer gets too warm, it is harsh, brutal, and generally difficult to drink. In an effort to keep beer time as it should be, we invented the Chillsner. One should not feel pressure to chug a perfectly crafted brew in order to avoid the downside of a warm beer. Beer should be respected and enjoyed at whatever pace is ideal for its consumer.

Warm beer is both a literal and metaphorical buzz kill. We wanted drinkers of a beer to have an effective way to continue to enjoy the experience of drinking beer that was both functionally effective and aesthetically interesting and beautiful (in a “beer” kind of way).

How to Use

Girl with Chillsner
Step 1.

Freeze Chillsner for 45 Minutes. Before using, take a drink of beer to make room for Chillsner.

Girl with Chillsner
Step 2.

Insert Chillsner into bottle.

Girl with Chillsner
Step 3.

Press firmly to create a tight seal. Note: Use caution when first inserting as some beers may foam up slightly.

Girl with Chillsner
Step 4.

Enjoy the Chillsner’s drink-through feature and complete coolness.

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Bailey says:

Slow beer drinkers rejoice- this keeps your beer cold I know that some people can chug a beer but I am not one of them. I am quite guilty of sipping leisurely or nursing a beer. This is especially true if I am the designated driver. Consequently, on warm summer days my beer, though it once was chilled, can wind up being lukewarm by the time I am halfway done with it. With the chillsner device my beer stays cold. You just freeze the chillsner, take it out of the freezer, pop it in the beer (press it in firmly) and you can drink beer right through the chillsner as the beer flows out the top of it. It keeps your beer perfectly cold. It is perfect for slow beer drinkers or for when you are out of ice for your cooler.It’s also nice that it comes in a 2 pack as my husband and I have both used it at outdoor parties this year. We also like the cool design. The chillsner is definitely a conversation starter at a party. All in all, it keeps my beer cold no matter how long I take to drink it so I am very happy with it!

Beer Lover says:

Very Cool! Received as a gift. Had never heard of this or anything like it. Perfect for the pool or beach! Wish I had thought of it, great idea!

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