Competition Electronics ProChrono Digital Chronograph

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Competition Electronics ProChrono Digital Chronograph

Digital chronograph Large 4-digit LCD readout 21-7000 fps measurement Meters per second (mps) or feet per second (fps) readout Stores 9 shot strings with up to 99 shots each in power down memory Review each velocity and shot string data Records average velocity, standard deviation and extreme spread Delete individual shots or entire string with the touch of a button Serial data connection port for use with remote accessories 32-100 deg. F operating temperature range 250 mSec to 500 mSec time between shots 750 nSec crystal-controlled shot timing resolution +/-1% or better accuracy of measured velocity 1/4×20 mounting hole thread 3/16×16 guide wire size 16x4x3.25 15 mAh power consumption On/off switch Uses one 9V alkaline battery (not included)

There are lots of optional accessories you can get to customize your Competition Electronics ProChrono digital chronograph. The accuracy of this chronograph is so well-respected in the shooting industry, that this chronograph is used for the record in Bianchi Cup events. Use the ProChrono chronograph to measure the velocities of your airguns, firearms and airsoft guns. It can do it all!

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D. Matheny says:

Don’t reload without it! I have been using this chronograph for a while now and I’m completely satisfied with it.At the range, I set it up about 5 feet in front of the firing line on a camera tripod and then just shoot over it. I don’t even bother with the guide rods or covers and just shoot through the area where I know they would be. If I put it closer than 5 feet, then the muzzle blast from the gun interferes with the chronograph and I can’t get readings for most shots.As far as the interface goes, it really couldn’t be any simpler. There is a switch on the side to turn it on/off and then some large buttons on the front to access the device functions. At the range, I just turn it on, switch to the desired string and fire as many shots as I need over it. Then, I turn it off and take it home. At home, I can access all the statistics for each string; like min/max velocity, avg velocity, etc…After each shot, the Pro Chrono takes about half a second before showing the velocity of that shot. Then, it is ready for the next shot.I will admit that this feels like a cheap, plastic toy; but the function has been flawless and it is holding up great so far. If you’re looking for a good chronograph to help improve your reloads, then I would recommend this one.

dsp says:

Best Chronograph, not picky on lighting, Accurate and Reliable This is probably the best chrono on the market. It is not picky on the lighting and gives accurate and consistant results. I shoot indoors and this little chrony works great. I have used it over a year now and even dropped it on the basement floor.If your thinking about buying the other brand chronograph called the chrony (the one that folds) beware that it does not work indoors…….or in bad lighting outdoors. I owned one and ended up giving it away. Refused to read indoors. Also, the chrony (folding one) has a bad diffuser that you need to tape together because of bad design.Do yourself a favor, spend the extra money and buy this PROCHRONO…………it’s an extra $40 or more bucks. Well worth it. It actually cheaper than the higher line Chrony.Finally, Please try not to confuse the names, they are very similar. The PROCHRONO is the good one while the CHRONY is the bad one.The PROCHRONO is the good one and the one that is a solid piece (enclosed in plastic). Doesn’t fold.Hope this helps someone from the grief I suffered.

Jonathan says:

Say goodbye to error messages/missed shots… And actually enjoy using a chronograph with the ProChrono Digital. A lot of Shooting Chrony users know of what I speak, and what a pleasure it is to actually fire rounds over the eyes, and actually get readings w/o constant error messages, no reads, psychotic readings, etc as was my experience with two Shooting Chrony products. Got my first Shooting Chrony F1 20 yeras ago, and while it worked OK, it was very finicky to lighting when set up/used perfectly, using a new alkaline battery, etc. “Upgraded” to the F1 Master with the remote readout, and what garbage.Read 6-8% fast from the old F1 and ProChrono, missed at least 50% of the shots and at times it missed all 5 in a string, was down to a 3″ circle shooting area that must be absolutely directly above the sensors, constant error messages, and the worst part was when I called Shooting Chrony, I was told my “Black” F1 Master was not eligible for the trade in program, only green ones were… Talking to the owner was an experience in a snotty punk from years earlier, so I should have expected them to renege on their trade in warranty they brag so much about. Take the ProChrono Digital from the box, add fresh battery, add rods and screens, turn on and shoot. No missed shots, no errors, HUGE shooting area, and no drama; just enjoyment and no wasted ammo. Funny how you will constantly be told from SC the problems are because you must be setting it up wrong, not unfolded enough, bad battery, “wrong” light… Do yourself a favor, and please don’t buy a foreign made Shooting Chrony with lousy CS, get this one made in the USA, and enjoy using it.

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