Classic Sports Cars Memorabilia Set

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Classic Sports Cars Memorabilia Set

Car aficionados rarely agree on what makes a true sports car, but they all concede that in little over 100 years, they went from crude to sublime. The Classic Sports Car Collection puts you in the seat of a range of international marques, including Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche & Jaguar, in this high octane look at the classic sports car.


Anonymous says:

I bought this set for my husband who is a Aston Martin and James Bond fan. He watched not only the Aston Martin DVD but also the other three because he found them so interesting and in his words “perfect man cave material”. I actually found them interesting as well.The set is a really nice heavy box that has incredible graphics outside and inside. The packaging is unique as it holds not only the 4 DVDs but also this memorabilia set that has all of these vintage colorful ads, motoring postcards, documents from the 1920s examining vehicle ownership in the USA and road development plans in the UKA report from 1959 into the early use of Britain’s very first highway; a reproduction of the first Highway Code manual, published in 1931; and more. This is my favorite part. It really made this set a collector piece that will remain in our library for a long time.I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SET FOR ANY SPORTS CAR FAN! ITS A BEAUTIFUL GIFT.

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