Classic Accessories Seat Back Gun Rack, Black

Pinned on September 2, 2013 at 8:25 am by Jesus Matthews

Classic Accessories Seat Back Gun Rack, Black

The Classic Accessories Seat Back Gun Rack quickly hangs across the seat back in SUVs or pickup trucks to help protect and conceal valuable rifles or shotguns. The rack holds up to three rifles or shotguns, has non-slip foam pocket interiors so your guns will not get scratched, and folds up for easily storage. A great product at a great price. No tools required.

Product Features


Joe says:

Gun Holder Great for holding three rifles or shotguns. I use it behind the front seats of my Superduty and they work as described.

Bryan P. Loveness says:

duel purpose The material is almost a close match to my leather seat, it helps protect the seat backs from the rear passangers, and if I am not transporting rifles, works well to hold water bottles. looks good, and stays out of the way, I leave it in place.

Sarah Jane Holloway says:

Not a good idea if … If you have to move the seats the hooks and cord will come off and make this product useless. I am trying to find a use for them holding scarfs.

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