Champion Women’s Powerback Underwire Sports Bra, Black, 38C

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Champion Women’s Powerback Underwire Sports Bra, Black, 38C

The Champion® Powerback women’s underwire sports bra has got your back during your workout. A patented back stabilizer provides controlled stretch while allowing a free range of motion, while the cushioned back hook closure provides additional comfort.

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serious runner "Shalini" says:

Great sports bra, if you are willing to take the time to find the right size. If you are considering this bra, you are probably one of many women endowed with large breasts, who has had to wear two bras before for the “support” during exercise. And they probably did not help very much except to have flabs showing through sports tops…Well, you get the point.As far as I know, for the given price, this is the best available bra out there for large breasted women (I am myself somewhere in the 34DDD range). I have two of these in 34DD, going to order my third one, and never had to find another type of bra. I have run 10-Ks and a half-marathon in these, and done various step and aerobic classes. The wide straps and the back support are super. Overall, this bra reduces bounce and gives good support. N.B: Champion notes that higher the bra size, lower the MCR. So, if you are getting D cups and 40-42C cups, you will get “High MCR” instead of “Max MCR”. […]But if you want to make this bra work for you, here is what I did:Once I saw this bra online, I simply went to my local running store (Roadrunner Sports in California) and tried it on. I made sure that it fit me more snug than usual so that even if it loosens up, it will still give me the support. I bought one in the store, and after loving it, bought one from Amazon. Trying it on in the store, even though you may not purchase it there is the key.On to “cons” people have been writing about these bras:1. Yes, you will have trouble putting it on at first. I just put in all the hooks first and put it on through my head like a t-shirt.2. The underwire might feel uncomfortable as it stops just short of your armpit. But I have never had any serious injuries.3. I find that sometimes after vigorous exercise, the bra feels constricting enough for me to want to remove it ASAP.To me, these cons seem to hardly matter when you cannot exercise properly due to breast bounce, and have neck/backaches due to poor chest support. If you are unhappy with your current bras, do try it on once in a store and decide for yourself. Unless you get chafed/hurt like some of those other poor women, you will not regret this decision.

L. Rogers says:

I Love this bra! Ok, so once you figure out how to get the bra on you are on your way. I spin regularly, and it is a must have. I have tried every kind of sports bra out there and this by far is the best! It totally controls the bounce. I have it in both versions with and without the wire, and now find myself only wearing the wire one, even for weights and all because of how much control it has. Now, getting out of it the the next trick! My husband was watching me put it on, and he was crackin up!

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