CARBON KEVLAR Motorcycle Mesh & Leather Race Gloves S

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CARBON KEVLAR Motorcycle Mesh & Leather Race Gloves S


iluvgr8tdeals "eric" says:

Protects everything but the knuckle of your thumb … *Forgive me if I am using the wrong terms for the anatomy of the hand! Here goes…These gloves are just as shown in the pictures. They have leather (the leather smells/feels real, and it is not synthetic) on the palm of one’s hand, a nylon/kevlar space/strip between the ‘palm’ part and the ‘knuckle part, and leather on the ‘back’ part where the knuckles are. The mesh is multi-layered, which means that, if their assertion that the kevlar is abrasion-resistant holds true, then the gloves provide adequate protection in case of a mild/regular fall.To be honest, these gloves seem to provide some kind of protection to your four fingers and the knuckles (‘carbon kevlar’), in addition to extra padding (not ‘carbon kevlar’) to the area of the ‘knuckle on your wrist’, but if you need protection to your thumb knuckle, then look to gloves that protect the knuckle of the thumb. That may or may not be an issue.Motorcycle safety experts (don’t quote me on this) state that, during a fall, we humans instinctively try to break the fall using our palms, and if that is the case, then these gloves might prevent nasty road rash.The gloves have an exact ‘tight’ fit, which I like, because this means that I am in full control of the handlebars. I think that once they are worn in, then they fit better, so be careful about ordering. They have velcro straps on the wrist and ‘wrist-knuckle’ area, which means that they are adjustable to accommodate slight adjustments that are user specific.These gloves are not for winter riding, and may only be used during hot or spring-like weather, but once it turns icy, then you may need to get warmer gloves. The mesh/leather mixture might slightly compromise the integrity of the gloves, but I looked at the seams, and they felt good enough when pulled.I viewed ‘designer’ motorcycle gloves like Joe Rocket Supermoto gloves, AGV Sport GPR roadracing gloves,Harley Davidson FXRG Gauntlet gloves, Alpinestars GP Tech gloves, etc, and I see very little difference, if any, between the designer gloves and this pair. They are built (almost) the same, but the designer ones cost much more. Buying these gloves means that you shall join the core few group (I think 2%) that protect their hands and knuckles from a fall. Most riders don’t use gloves, and the ones that do use flimsy ones that offer no protection whatsoever from a fall of any kind. I have even seen riders with fingerless gloves! How will those protect you in case of a fall?? Squids!!!For the lack of protection of the thumb, I give them a 4! (more like 3 and a half) If you buy top brand helmets and leathers, then I believe that you should buy designer gloves for your own piece of mind. However, if you are like me who looks for bargains, I feel that these gloves that protect you just as well as the designer gloves, for much less than the designer prices.Safe riding. All The Gear All The Time! (ATGATT)

Pen4711 says:

EXCELLENT GLOVES I write this one year and one major accident after purchasing these. I was run off the road earlier his year by a car and total my bike and my body for awhile. I suffered many injuries and abrasions. While my leathers saved me from most of the major trauma, it did not save me from impact injuries. A metal plate, several screws and pins, and months of therapy and I was able to walk again. The only thing that kept me sane during that time was my hands were spared so I could still somewhat take care of myself. I was wearing these gloves, and while the gloves were for the most part trashed thy protected my hand as they were designed. The plastic and kevlar along the knuckles and fingers saved me from major injury to my hand. I immediately bought a pair for my son, and will get another pair for myself once they carry my size again.

TheTense says:

Shady Quality. Bought these gloves from […] off their website. I came here looking for reviews. All in all, they’re better than going gloveless, but not by much. Here’s the low down:Pros:- Good looks- “Carbon kevlar” for the 25$ price, may be fake. Even if it’s plastic, it is solid and offers good knuckle protection- Outstanding ventilation. I rode in 90 degree weather and even at lights my hands never sweated. Pure awesome.- Very smooth, flexible, comfortableCons:- VERY thin leather IF IT IS EVEN LEATHER!. It smells and feels like the fake rubber stuff. I feel like it would just tear in a fall rather than wear away saving my own skin.- Fit. Runs a size small. (ORDER 1 SIZE UP!) it also is made for people with shorter fingers and normal to wide palms.- No padding on said palms.- FAKE VENTS. The glove breathes great due to the mesh on each side of the fingers, but the plastic vents on each finger are FAKE. My gloves came with 1 of the little silver screens on the vent missing and it was solid plastic behind it. Air can’t go through plastic. It functions like a finger protector, but knowing it was fake made me feel robbed.- QUALITY! from afar they look like the real deal, but take 2 minutes to examine closely and you will see poor stitching, thin leather, rough edges on plastic. My thumb was a little tight in them and within 3 weeks of short daily rides, my thumb ripped through. The seam where the “leather” meets the mesh sucked. These gloves will absolutely fail in a crash.There’s a reason these are 25 dollars. 1 crash and replace if you still have hands afterwards. Maybe they will save some skin, but probably not, but anything is better than nothing I guess. There is nothing I have found in this “lowest of the low” price range that offers carbon/kevlar, so that’s a plus, but all in all drop 20 more dollars and you can probably save yourself $10,000 in skin grafts from the hospital. Seriously people, just pay $20 more dollars. Drop 45$ and get real leather gloves.

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