Car Puzzle for kids & toddlers (sport cars, trucks, tractors)

Pinned on August 18, 2013 at 10:15 am by Cathy Smith

Car Puzzle for kids & toddlers (sport cars, trucks, tractors)

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Stacy says:

Not for toddlers I got this app for my son. He is almost 3 years old and has been doing puzzles on my kindle and other electronic devices since he was 1 1/2 years old. He is pretty good at it. But this is too hard for him. The pieces are too small at the bottom and when I tried to show him how to do it, I had a hard time finding where the pieces go as well…

Sam Brown "romance book lover" says:

My 5 & 6 year old loved this. Great challenge! My 5 & 6 year old boys loved this. It was not too easy where they were done in a minute like some other puzzles we had. The detail in the graphics are great and even has background music. It took them about 5 minutes per car to get it together. They have other puzzles on the kindle but liked this one because the pieces are car parts and shapes not just plain puzzle pieces. We highly recommend for 5 years old and up. At the end balloons come on screen for them to pop. Not sure the significance but they enjoyed and made popping noises.

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