Canon PowerShot A2300 16.0 MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom (Silver)

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Canon PowerShot A2300 16.0 MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom (Silver)

The Canon 6184B100 PowerShot A2300 16MP Compact Digital Camera, in silver, is simple and stylish. This chic compact camera is packed with advancements that make it easy to get a great shot every time. Smart AUTO recognizes 32 predefined shooting situations then automatically picks the proper camera settings for you. Saving memories in breathtakingly realistic 720p HD is as easy as pressing the dedicated movie button. You will see extraordinary resolution and fast performance with the 16.0 Megapixel Image Sensor and DIGIC 4 Image Processor, and capture more dynamic, exciting images with the 5x Optical Zoom with 28mm Wide-Angle lens. Digital IS greatly reduces blur by recognizing the main subject and applying the best camera shake correction. Easy quality that is easily affordable. That’s the PowerShot A2300 digital camera.

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D. M. Kemp says:

Great camera for quick snaps We’ve had this camera now for a few weeks and have come to really like it. It is so thin and lightweight that it can easily be carried in a pocket, purse, or backpack. Compared to the size of today’s smartphones, this is actually smaller than some.The pictures are decent. I find some of the interior pictures are a bit grainy, even with the flash. The flash is plenty bright – so no issues there. Switching to low light mode made all the difference. This quick change off the menu function made for clear crisp pictures.Outdoor pictures are really outstanding. Super clear and crisp. Sometimes it has problems figuring out what to focus on. However, when a face appears, it is really pretty good at identifying it and focusing on it.One of my favorite features is the rechargable lithium ion battery. I hate having to deal with batteries. However, it is a bit of an annoyance to get it charged as it requires the battery to be ejected from the camera and placed into a charger.The final reason why this inexpensive camera does not get a five star rating is the long time it takes between pictures. Even on a fully charged battery, it takes on average 5 seconds for the camera to process each shot. If you are trying to take a bunch of group photos, this can seem like forever.Overall – I like this camera. It is relatively inexpensive and takes great snapshots.

Yarii says:

A2300 – a good choice for a BASIC point & shoot that anyone can use I received this camera last week (purchased for a 12 year old niece’s birthday). This camera, even though it’s listed as red, is actually bright pink, but it’s still subtle, it doesn’t SCREAM bright pink. One thing that surprised me is that it’s made of metal, not plastic like others in the under $100 price range. However, it is made in China, but I own other cameras that are in the $400+ range that were also made in China, so price isn’t the determining factor on the manufacturing location.The Canon A2500 is a newer version of this camera, but if you do a comparison between the new A2500 and this one, the A2300, the specs are nearly identical in features. The only difference I could find was a very slight difference in overall size and a small difference in photos per battery charge even though they use the same battery.I decided, before gifting it to her, that I would make sure it was operational. (ETA: I gave this Canon to my niece, she loves it; as for myself, I wouldn’t be thrilled with it as I want a camera with more manually-selected features.)This is a BASIC point and shoot camera, almost as basic as you will find nowadays. Which makes this a good choice for a person that’s new to digital, young, old, anyone really.It’s a small camera, easily fits in a pocket. The buttons are laid-out well so you don’t hit a wrong button when you meant to push another. In this regard, much better than a couple of the Canon Elph models I tried previously. Build quality itself seems very good, but I do notice some noise in the zoom motor when playing back videos.Leave it on SmartAuto. Your photos will be good 99% of the time. But if you think you will get DSLR-quality images with this camera? Heck, no! You can’t expect that with a camera this price. This camera is not that great in low light if you don’t use the flash; when there’s not enough light your photos will be grainy. It takes *very good* photos outdoors on a sunny day—but almost any camera will give you the same. I’d even go so far to say that some Smartphones will take better photos than this camera.No matter where you’re shooting make sure you can hold steady while shooting-sure, this has digital image stabilization, but it’s not as good as optical stabilization. And as far as I can tell, the Digital IS is only active when you choose the “Digital IS” setting by choosing Program-FuncSet-and right clicking the control wheel to Digital IS. This is disappointing that it’s not available on all settings.The menus are typical Canon, and there is no dial like the more expensive cameras have.No optical viewfinder for those of you wanting to know. The LCD screen is average quality, not enough “dots”, so when you take a photo and look at it on the camera’s screen, it doesn’t look nearly as good as when you upload it to your computer. I think I’m spoiled by my Sony cameras that have 921,000 dots, compared to this Canon that has only 230,000 dots.It’s a little slow between shots, there is “processing” lag, especially when using the flash.Videos are “ok” with this camera, 720p is fine for those with an older computer. If you want a camera that has GREAT video I would suggest one of the Sony HX models like the HX10V which I own , but you will pay a lot more for that camera – IMHO Sony cameras are hands-down the best at video. Back to this Canon: Yes, this Canon has audio with the video, but it’s not stereo. You cannot optically zoom during the video, but you can do so before you first press the video button. If you DO use the zoom button after pushing the video button, it will be CRUMMY-looking digital zoom and you will hear noticeable zoom motor noise/clicking, at least on this camera I did.I wish it had FEWER megapixels than 16 MP. The sensor, being a 1/2.3 like most cheaper cameras, is too small. More megapixels are NOT better unless the sensor size is also larger to go along with it. This is part of the reason these cameras are crummy in low-light situations. Of course, you will pay a LOT more for a camera with a larger sensor, at least $300+. So this Canon will “do” – there’s always some kind of sacrifice one makes when choosing a camera.One thing I really like about this is the use of a lithium ion battery as opposed to AA batteries, and it has a separate battery charger. It also comes with Canon photo editing software, which I’ve used for years and I think is better than Picasa, although there are less editing features to choose.No internal memory at all, so make sure you buy an SDHC card if you don’t already have one-otherwise you will be very disappointed when you go to use this camera the first time. I recommend a…

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