C2G / Cables to Go 40634 3.5mm Stereo Male to 3.5mm Mono Female Adapter (Metallic Silver)

Pinned on August 11, 2013 at 9:38 pm by Carma Jones

C2G / Cables to Go 40634 3.5mm Stereo Male to 3.5mm Mono Female Adapter (Metallic Silver)

Cables To Go 40634 3.5mm Stereo Male to 3.5mm Mono Female Adapter (Metallic Silver)

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Perry C. "LASERCAT" says:

GREAT Item but SHAME ON YOU!!! This adapter is a great item and not easy to find. I have the identical (or almost identical one) from Radio Shack. BUT….having said that….I can’t resist saying that all of the greedy Amazon Marketplace sellers offering this item as of this moment are charging between $4.96-$8.04 for shipping this tiny item to you, when they’d still have money left over if they charged you $1.00…and yes, I’m counting the tiny envelope’s cost that they should be using to ship this couple-of-ounce-item…by FIRST CLASS MAIL! I’ve been a Marketplace seller myself in the past, and rather than come up with a phony low selling price to suck you in to purchase, I’d always charge an honest low price and an honest shipping price…often less to offer a real bargain. SHAME ON YOU, sellers, for ripping people off that way and giving Amazon a bad name in the process. Buyers Beware…use your heads!!! Keep in mind that Amazon charges its sellers a percentage of the selling price as a fee, so obviously these dishonest sellers are trying to beat Amazon out of some of their fees, at your expense, and by charging you outrageous fake shipping costs as well. BUYERS…USE YOUR HEADS…Don’t be ripped off by these people…there are plenty of us honest folks still around! And if this despicable practice continues, you can always go to your local Radio Shack store, pay their exactly $2.99 price, and know you’ve done the right thing! I hope this helps…Thanks!

S. Lionel says:

Well constructed I bought this so that I could use a monaural microphone () with my Canon 7D for shooting videos. It seems to be solidly constructed and fit snugly into the microphone jack of the camera.I know other reviewers make a point of this, but I will too. Make sure that this is the item you want. It accepts a mono source (such as a single microphone) and converts it to a stereo source (same signal in both channels, of course). Adapters that go the other way around are easier to find.

Cesar Diaz "madmundo" says:

HARD TO FIND I needed this adapter because I own an Audiotechnica mono superdirectional microphone (ATR 55) I use for video, and the sound quality is superb, except that it’s not cool to listen to mono sound in something else than old music or trip hop. I had another adapter like this that I bought in an import shop here, and I immediatly felt two differences: This plug is actually sturdy, robust, solid, and also fits perfectly and safely into my camera’s stereo jack. The one I had, on the other hand, always got loose, always ended up doing antenna, making noises, or, ultimately, disconnecting. I had to pay almost three times the list value because of shipping, handling and custom expenses, but still, this adapter is already worth the almost 30 dls.

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