Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun (Colors may vary)

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Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun (Colors may vary)

The Velocity Speed Gun is an easy point-and-shoot speed gun. It boasts +/- 1.0 MPH accuracy. The Velocity can track the speed of a ball from 100 feet. It’s the ideal tool for tracking tennis serves from 10-110 MPH.Knowing how fast a player pitches or runs can instantly influence a coaching decision. Enter the Bushnell Velocity speed gun, which tells you the speed of an object within plus-or-minus 1 mile per hour. The Bushnell Velocity is outfitted with digital signal processing technology, which can measure the speed of a baseball from up to 90 feet, or a moving vehicle from as far as 1,500 feet. As a result, it’s a breeze to take a player’s 40 time or measure the speed of a tennis serve. The Velocity is also a breeze to use, with a point-and-shoot pistol grip that displays the fastest speed timed once the trigger is released.


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Michael Delano "radar man" says:

Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun,Gray Recently i purchased a Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun to test out it’s accuracy. I have been in law enforcement since 1985 & i am certified in the use of radar.I read several reviews from customers on how they were dissatisfied beacause their radar gun did not work properly for one reason or another. My partners patrol car has a MPH radar & i decided to see just how accurate a Bushnell hand radar compared with it.I have 2 different speed tuning forks to test my MPH with & tested both of them on the Bushnell as well.The Bushnell tested accurate & gave the correct reading on both tuning forks i tested with.i then took it on the road & compared it against my partners MPH radar system against oncoming traffic & it worked as well matching vehicle speed with my MPH as well.Although i used it on traffic,it should work on any moving object such as baseball,softball,tennis balls etc.Just remember that these objects are of course much smaller than a vehicle & you must be in direct line of sight to the object to get a true & accurate reading of speed.I would reccomend this particular unit to anyone interested in purchasing one. Michael DeLano.CPSO,Auxilliary Deputy Sheriff

Harrison Smith "Harry" says:

Great Product For The Price!!! I am 100% happy with my Bushnell radar gun. I mainly bought it for use in motor sports, four wheeler racing, motorcycles, and various activities involving speed. It uses K band so that is a big improvement from X band. The range on this thing is totally unreal, I can catch someones speed from over a 1/4 mile away, pretty amazing. Bottom line, for this price it is an unbeatable buy compared to the $900 stalker guns. I love this thing!!

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