BSN Heavy-Duty Anti-Whip Net

Pinned on September 3, 2013 at 3:20 pm by Mollie Rowe

BSN Heavy-Duty Anti-Whip Net

Official size, 12 loop, braided nets. 145 gram, 21″ long net designed for all no-tie goals.

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Yankee2NY says:

Just what I needed My teenage son wanted a nice long net to swish. This net is perfect. Nice and long, great quality and it looks great. It was difficult to install, but that’s not the net’s fault. I blame my husband because I blame him for everything.

Pebbles says:

Heavy Duty = Thick net = Tough to install I like this net. It is a nice heavy weight. It was delivered quickly. It is heavy duty and anti-whip. It meets or exceeds every descriptor on the item page. My only complaint with the net is that it is so thick that it is actually hard to install. I had to work at tugging and pulling to get this net attached to the rim. That means it will also be difficult to uninstall should I need to uninstall it for any reason (and not want to cut it down). This net seems as if it will last a good long time, so I think it was worth the struggle. If you are not strong and you plan to purchase this net as a replacement for a standard hoop from a big box store store, be sure to find a strong friend to install it for you.

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