Brinkmann 800-1515-0 Starfire II Underwater Fishing Light

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Brinkmann 800-1515-0 Starfire II Underwater Fishing Light

BRINKMAN STARFIRE II FISHING LIGHT For underwater use 10 cord with battery clips 12 volt 3-1/2 AMP 25,000 C.P. Pyrex globe Halogen Boxed

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M. Leeser "ccsnapper" says:

Good lights These are good and bright lights. I’ve used them for several years. Occasionally you may hit them on something and break them and eventually they will sometimes burn out the bulb. I’ve used these lights for probably over 10 years now, mostly for shrimping. I have a couple that are going on their 4th season and they’re still working great. One problem people may be having is that they are using them out of the water. These lights are bright and hot, you can not run them unless they are submerged.

Mike says:

Excellent product! Product works great. Would definitely buy again, but not thru Amazon. I found out afterwards, all their sellers are overpriced! This can be gotten at Academy Sports stores for much less!

Toby says:

Best fishing light This is the best fishing light ever made! I have used this exact light for years. I was dissapointed to discover they are very hard to find these days. I’ve tried all the under water fishing lights and none fish as well as this one. I load the boat with Crappie and Walleye every time I use it. If you can find one for sale, buy it!

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