Body By Jake Series

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Body By Jake Series


Sam Stern "ssj" says:

Missing My Favorite Body By Jake Workout Without Steve Maresca’s full body workout, this video isn’t worth it for me. It does have his abs workout, and Marco Reed’s full-body workout, but Steve Maresca’s full body workout is the best of the series for me, and it’s not on the video. Therefore, I don’t recommend it.

Houston Mom says:

Fantastic Workout! I love this DVD. I tried it on Exercise TV and knew immediately it was a keeper. I really like the 40-minute total body workout with Marco Reed because it’s really tough! I normally do a boot camp and these are the kinds of exercises I’m used to doing. He leads you through burpees, weighted jump squats, weighted jump ropes, plank rows, squats with military press, lunges, pushups and more. The exercises are not complicated to learn, but they are certainly tough and you will sweat!In Marco’s workout, there are two 20-minute sets of exercises. He does each exercise for 45 seconds and then you get a 15 second break while he demonstrates the next exercise. Each set has 10 exercises; you go through them once and then repeat them in reverse. There are only a couple of issues. There’s no warm-up or cool-down, so be sure to do your own. And at the end of the workout, two exercises are skipped. If you do the routine, it’s easy to spot because you’re doing the exercises in reverse and the last two are just left out. It’s not a big deal. I just remember to do them on my own at the end, and then I do my own abs routine (or Steve Maresca’s if I have an extra 20 minutes) and cool-down.I’ve only does Steve Maresca’s ab workout once but it was good. I love Steve’s energy and enthusiasm!This is a fantastic workout for intermediate to advanced exercisers.

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