Bed Prism Spectacles

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Bed Prism Spectacles

Enjoy Reading in Bed or Watching TV While Reclining — Read a book without eye fatigue or physical strain or watch TV in horizontal comfort. Precisely aligned glass prisms show half a page of an average hard-cover book. Bed specs are lightweight – you will hardly know you are wearing them! — Ideal for traveling or patients in bed. —

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Keith Nelson "Geet" says:

I had the same issue I had the same issue as the one reviewer. When the glasses arrived they were a little bent, but I just heated them with a lighter and allowed them to cool, and now they’re great. They have stayed that way for a while now, so I believe the one reviewer needs to use heat and he shouldn’t have to keep adjusting his/hers. I wear glasses as well and have quite a large head and they work great. You just have to let your prescription glasses ride low and put the prism glasses higher on your face. My only issue, and the reason I don’t give a five star, is that the bows are a little rigid, and I have a wide face so they are tight, and after a while of wearing them, the pressure causes some discomfort.

balyash says:

Arrived bent, heavy, yet does what it says (after fixing). The glasses came and the prisms were not perfectly parallel, resulting in a double image. I took them to a local optomitrist and they bent them straight for me (for free – thanks EA optical!). They said that I could have used a hair dryer to warm them up and bend them straight and recommended to not to try and bend them when cool (too brittle).The glasses are a bit heavy, but ok because I use them when laying down anyways, so they don’t slide down the bridge of my nose. Watching TV or reading a book is fine. It takes some time to get adjusted to turning pages or writing with them on.All in all, they do what they are intended for. I like watching TV with them and I don’t have to prop my head up and crank my neck. It’s funny to be able to see your lips, too! I don’t require corrective glasses, so I don’t know if they really work over regular glasses. However, being a physics teacher, it is a good demonstration for reflection and refraction.

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