Beauty and The Obese

Pinned on August 18, 2013 at 10:42 am by Jessica Fleetwood

Beauty and The Obese


A. Trask "FuzzDogg" says:

No Problems Here… I haven’t had any problems at all with my two discs. They play just fine and look fine.My only beef would be the change in the animation & writting after episode 4. It became way to ‘cutesy’ and less crass. No more exposed breasts get shown, no more truely funny innuendos. I felt like I was watching a saturday morning fluffy cartoon.Now I understand why it got cancelled. Someone screwed with it and screwed it up.It is worth buying for the orginial first 4 episodes tho.

J. Martin "Water Chemist" says:

Double meanings and LOTS of inneundo I don’t know what happened with the other reviewers, but my DVD’s played with no problem and nothing was pixelated out. The only censoring I found was a couple of words were “beeped” out and I think that was part of the script. The series itself was a fun parody of comic characters and sexual innuendo. This isn’t a kid’s cartoon, but lots of R rated humor for adults.

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