Bear Motion (TM) Premium Folio Case with Stand for Apple iPad Mini (Support Smart Cover Function) (iPad Mini, Pink)

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Bear Motion (TM) Premium Folio Case with Stand for Apple iPad Mini (Support Smart Cover Function) (iPad Mini, Pink)

When it comes to Tablet cases, nobody knows better than Bear Motion

If you are not happy with the product by any means, although not expected, please email us back. we will make sure you are taken care of promptly and satisfactorily.

Bear Motion is registered trademark of Pro Ebiz LLC and is exclusively distributed by Pyrus Electronics. Bear Motion trademark is protected by US Trademark Law.

Two reasons to buy Bear Motion:

Reason No. 1: Rigorous and relentless quality control

We actually test every single case with a real tablet. It might sound crazy, but that is why we can guarantee the quality.

Reason No. 2: Best material guaranteed

We only use the best. Never compromise quality for any reasons.

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cc says:

Very nice, but careful with the color This case is very light, thin, and functional. The smart cover works well and overall the case looks quite nice. (And yes, the back is see through enough to show the Apple logo)The only potential problem is the difference between the color in the picture and in reality. I have the pink case, and it is not at all as it is seen in the picture. The color is much more on the orangish-pinkish side (hard to describe). It’s still a light pink but different shade.

D.L.C says:

It’s a Yoobao case – Highly Recommended for iPad 3 Just got this in the mail today for my iPad 3. Tried the which didn’t fit as well and the sleep function didn’t work plus it had poor corner protection (but was half the price) and promptly returned it. Spent about a month looking for a replacement.The Good:This is real leather. Smells like real leather. Feels like real leather. And no, I’m not going to taste it. Yet. Maybe. Nom-Nom.Good corner protection all around. The problem with most folios is that their corners are largely exposed. Even if the case does extend slightly past the iPad, there’s a good chance a decent bump will hit your iPad. What’s the point in spending $20~30 on a case that won’t protect your iPad from bumps and bruises?Fits perfectly. Not to loose, not too tight, just right Goldilocks. It comes with a flap that tucks under the iPad to secure it as well but no velcro like other cases. I don’t think you need it though.Super slim. In my opinion, this is a plus as there is virtually no bulk added to the iPad at the same time as providing decent protection. This case fits inside for added protection nicely.On/Off Function. Works on my iPad 3. Every time.Cutouts. Every function of the iPad has a perfect cut out. Everything lines up. Unlike other cases.Professional. Looks very professional, cut and sleek.The Bad:Price. Not the cheapest thing running at 30 bones. But often you get what you pay for.On/Off Function. I know I said this was a good aspect, but it’s a bit slow sometimes taking a few seconds to register. That said, it does work.The Not-So-Ugly:The vertical stand position is so-so (see my picture) and takes up considerable space. There’s only one horizontal position as well.The Amazon description says Pyrus but the box (and case) says Yoobao.Shipping kind of slow from the vender. Took 5 days to ship but only 2 days to arrive once it shipped. Maybe they were testing to ensure the on/off works before mailing via USPS? I’m not sure.Verdict?Highly Recommended Buy.

S. Goldstein "toys for big boys junky" says:

Superb! Just like the case for iPad 2, adapted to work with iPad 3. I just received this case from Amazon vendor, Pro Biz. These folks are the best: integrity and responsive service. If something goes wrong, they make it right, ASAP. Something did go wrong for me. I was very happy with my , that I had ordered for my iPad 2, but none was yet available for my new iPad 3. So I ordered a different brand (Bear Motion) through Amazon from Pro Biz. The case arrived even before my iPad 3. It was of high quality, but the magnet sleep/wake function didn’t work, and I much preferred the design of the Pyrus/Yoobao cases because they completely enclose the iPad, except for the cutouts, of course, and they are much less bulky than the Bear Motion cases. But, I realize that is a matter of personal taste. Pro Biz explained that the whole industry had been taken by surprise because Apple had changed the location of the magnets in the iPad 3, so the sleep/awake did not work with the original placement in the cases. Pro Biz not only told me that they would send me a new case as soon as they would be available, but they would substitute the Pyrus/Yoobao case if I were to prefer it. I did, and they did. The new Pyrus/Yoobao case arrived just hours ago, and it is a gem! High quality leather, suede lining, quality stitching, not at all bulky like the Bear Motion cases, functioning sleep/awake, and with cutouts properly placed and easily accessible (more accessible for me than in the Bear Motion case).So, bottom line: this case is a winner, and the Pro Biz folks are a pleasure to work with.

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