Bayou Classic 5011 2-Ounce Stainless-Steel Seasoning Injector with Marinade Needles

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Bayou Classic 5011 2-Ounce Stainless-Steel Seasoning Injector with Marinade Needles

This Stainless Steel Seasoning Injector has a 2-oz. Capacity and comes with 2 Stainless Steel Needles: 1 for Liquid Marinaide & 1 for Minced Marinaide.

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Crystal Grittith "Nana" says:

Marinade Injector I went looking for something that would stand up to my hubby’s heavy hand because the plastic 30cc Syringe and 14 g Spinal needle didn’t. This product fits the bill. He can’t break it! I like the side holes better than the end hole on a needle. Gets more flavoring where it’s supposed to be. His venison ham was wonderful after injecting it with marinade. A little more $ but well worth it for an avid hunter or anyone who likes to inject their meat with flavorings/marinades. The injector for the dry products is just an added bonus!

Stephen G. Bernard says:

Just what we were looking for! We use Kraft Tuscan House Italian salad Dressing for our Chicken and Turkeymarinade. The problem with that salad dressing is the herbs stick in mostinjectors. We actually broke a cheap injector trying to squeeze it too hard!This Bayou classic injector has a needle for herb type mariandes.Kraft makes great salad dressing and on chicken and turkey it’s brilliant.But it’s loaded with herbs and spices. Well, fear not.The needle is so sharp I can’t imagine any meat it can’t penetrate andwhile the bigger herbs might need a bit more push or pull it worksflawlessly.On chicken breasts it slides in and is super easy to inject just the amountyou want. It’s built like a tank and my only complaint is that it was missinga rubber washer on one of the needles. But we don’t use pure liquid marinadesanyway so it’s not a problem.It’s also easy to clean, just unscrew the cap and the needle.This one looks like it will last us a long time and we eat either chickenor turkey daily, so this is going to get a lot of use.We will try it with steak tips in a couple of weeks and see how that works.But if you want to inject mariande with herbs into your meat, without themgetting stuck in the needle, THIS is the unit you are looking for.

bpm says:

Metal except for the silicon ring The injector was great until the silicon ring broke making the injector useless. I called to get a replacement ring but the company said that they did not carry them and that they could not help me get one.I could not find a replacement elsewhere. So the extra money you pay for the metal injector is not worth it. A cheap plastic one would cost much less and last longer. Poor customer service.

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