Barbie Jam With Me Rock Star Guitar

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Barbie Jam With Me Rock Star Guitar

From the Manufacturer
The barbie “Jam with me” light-up rock star guitar looks and plays just like a real guitar. Enjoy realistic responsive strumming and backlit touch-sensitive neck for easy note selection, follow-the-lights play features, and cool lighting effects. Features built-in music, multiple play modes, effects and lots more. This gorgeous guitar comes with a top music hit with vocal tracks, plus instrumental tracks for jam-along excitement. You can even connect your MP3 player (not included) to jam to your own playlist. Rock on. High tech backlit touch-sensitive frets with follow-the-lights play mode. Includes great built-in songs including barbie’s version of the “barbie Girl” song. Cool guitar looks just like the real thing with real strings and realistic sounds. Play along with the built-in music or plug in your MP3 player (not included) to jam to your own playlist. Adjustable shoulder strap included.
Product Description
Get ready to rock out with this Barbie Rock Star Guitar! It features high-tech, touch sensitive keys on the neck, cool realistic guitar sound effects, and lights that pulse in time with the music. With six built-in songs, MP3 connection, and plenty of cool controls, she can jam to any tune she likes. It’s the ultimate jammin’ experience! For Ages 3+ Requires 4 “AA” Batteries (Included) Made in China

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KKG says:

wouldn’t recommend My 6 year old daughter loves the guitar, but it is a cheaply made product. The end cap of the handle falls off easily. Also, to me, the operation of the guitar does not make sense. Guitars I am familiar with make sound when you strum the strings. This one makes the music when you press the buttons on the handle. There are wire strings but they make no sound. Seems like an awkward toy.

Dre (DreReviews@Yahoo . com) says:

Be Aware, this is a Toy, Not a Musical Instrument… but the Kids Absolutely Love It! We wanted to get our daughters a kid’s guitar for Christmas so we did some research. It quickly became clear that pretty much every kid’s guitar available in this price range has mediocre to terrible reviews. Without much to choose from, we gave this a try because it was on sale for $22 at the time. We bought two so that both of our girls, ages 3 and 6 could each have one (a.k.a. not fight over it).On Christmas day they were very excited and both loved the guitars. They have played with them a lot since then and love “Rocking Out” with them. It is really cute to watch which makes it worth every penny. The guitar is easy for them to use and keeps them interested quite a bit.As for the quality of the guitar, it is ok for a kids toy. It has a few different sounds and tunes that you activate with buttons on the neck of the guitar. My favorite is the applause button because it is great to see them wrap up and do their bows to the sound of applause. As for the actual function of the guitar, that is basically it. The “strings” don’t do anything except make a light strumming sound. The sound does not go through the speaker. It is just the sound of wire strings vibrating. In other words, all the guitar playing really consists of is pushing buttons on the neck to play the prerecorded sounds. This is why I feel it can’t be considered a musical instrument.Overall, this isn’t a great product. It is disappointing that the strings of the guitar really don’t do anything, so you aren’t actually playing a guitar. That being said, my girls absolutely love playing with them. So if you go into it knowing that you are getting a toy and not a musical instrument, you can be satisfied with the purchase.

Constance E. Roberts says:

Grandchildren rock with Rock Star Guitar I bought this guitar for my three-year old granddaughter. She absolutely loved and she and her two sisters (ages 6 and 9) give concerts together. It has been a great hit.The only thing negative I can say is that three is too young. The six-year old immediately took over and helped the younger one.

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