Baden Nite Brite Glow in the Dark Soccer Ball

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Baden Nite Brite Glow in the Dark Soccer Ball

Soccer Sizing & Age Group Guide: Official Size 5 (Size: 27-28″; Age: 12+), Size 4 (Size: 25-26″; Age: 8-11), Size 3 (Size: 23-24″; Age: 7 and under), Mini Size (Fun and/or Promotional Use)

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Dimitris Rezitis says:

Does not glow in the dark – terrible ball all around I am really dissapointed by this soccer ball. Firstly it does not glow at all. My regular white soccer balls are actually easier to play with in the dark than this ball because its actually very hard to see in the dark. Not only that but the ball only lasted for about 3-4 weeks of semi regular soccer practice. After about a month it started getting “eggs” as my friend calls it. Basically it is little bubbles on the ball. It got to the point it wouldnt roll but randomly bounce around because of the eggs. Yesterday I finally lost the ball playing street soccer. Didnt even care.

4America "4america" says:

Not so brite It’s a good concept but it really just isn’t bright enough nor does it retain it’s brightness for long. I’m not sure why they either don’t make the whole ball out of the luminescent material or at least most of it. We tried to use it at practice but it really was easier to see the white balls. I had one of the coaches hold the ball in front of a car light and then it would work really well for a couple of minutes. We had two of them and we just kept swapping them out during the scrimmage. Again, it’s a great idea but it doesn’t really work.Lastly, it is true this is a low quality ball. It’s fine for limited use in the backyard but it’s not going to hold up for a whole soccer season.

Shilpa says:

Poor quality The ball is poorly made. After a couple of days of playing the seams started showing up, material from outer shell started coming off. Some material has completely ripped from the surface of the ball and a a couple of stitches have given way. After only about a week, it looks in much worse shape than couple of the soccer balls my boys have had for over an year.

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