Back to School With Healthy Food: A Guide To Great Nutrition On The Go For Your Children Even On A Budget (Eat Better For Less Guides)

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Back to School With Healthy Food: A Guide To Great Nutrition On The Go For Your Children Even On A Budget (Eat Better For Less Guides)

Back to school can be stressful enough without turning your kitchen into a battleground to try to get your children to eat well and not waste food. Everyone is budget conscious these days, The last thing you want is your hard-earned cash ending up in the trash as your children throw away their brown bag lunch in favor of fast food or snacks or swapping for sugary treats once they get to school.

You want your children to start the day off well with breakfast to keep them fueled for learning. If they are not having the school lunch, you will need to send them to school with a brown bag with their main meal plus healthy snacks to power them through their day.

In this guide, you will learn the best ways to deal with meal planning for your whole family, no matter what their age and how fussy they might be. You will also discover how to deal with food allergies and tempt even the pickiest of small palates.

Good nutrition for us as parents is also essential if we want to get through our long to-do list each day and teach our children the kinds of lessons we want them to learn about healthy eating and nutrition. We will be their role models for what to eat throughout their childhood and teen years. What message are your meals giving your children?

It’s never too late to s

In this guide you will discover:

+ Why breakfast is the most important meal of the day
+ Quick breakfasts on the go, even hot ones
+ ’Brain foods’ that you should add to your child’s diet
+ Brown bag lunches without the boredom
+ The importance of food safety when children are taking their meals out of the house
+ Smart snacking
+Delicious dinners in minutes

and much more.

You will be amazed at all the ways you can feed your family well once they are back to school:

+ How to prepare great finger foods for small children
+ Frugal but meal on the go ideas, including make ahead muffins and make and freeze recipes
+ Hot versus cold breakfasts and lunches; the pros and cons
+ After school snacks that won’t ruin their appetite
+ Frugal and healthy cooking from around the world: Italy, China, Japan, India and Mexico
+ How to transform your leftovers each night into feasts fit for fussy eaters

and many more practical suggestions no busy parent will want to do without.

You will also learn:

+ How to include your children in successful meal planning
+ How to incorporate cooking into homeschooling
+ How to get your teens to take an interest in meal planning and preparation
+ Why you should get your teen involved in family food budgeting BEFORE they head off to college
+ How to get children actively involved in holiday meals, for stress-free special occasions

and much more.

Get started today with healthy food for back to school to inspire you and your whole family to eat well even on a budget starting today.
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Eat Better For Less Guides=Quick and easy healthy eating at home to help stretch your budget.
CH 1: The Importance of Eating Breakfast
2: Cold versus Hot Breakfasts
3: Breakfast Beverage Ideas
4: Nutritious Breakfast-On-the-Go
5: Alternative Breakfasts for Picky Eaters
6: Brain Foods for Children
7: Healthy Brown Bag Lunches for Children
8: Healthy Lunch Ideas in 20 Minutes or Less
9: Lunch Storage and Cooling Ideas
10: Sandwiches versus Hot Lunches
11: Substitution and Alternative Lunch Ideas for Special Diets
12: Healthy After School Snack Ideas
13: Quick and Healthy Dinners
14: How to Get Children Involved With Sensible Meal Planning
15: Ways to Turn Daily Cooking Into Educational Lessons
CH16: How to Instill Good Eating Habits in Teens

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