Avery Two-Side Printable Clean Edge Business Cards for Inkjet Printers, Matte, White, Pack of 200 (08871)

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Avery Two-Side Printable Clean Edge Business Cards for Inkjet Printers, Matte, White, Pack of 200 (08871)

Vying for a big account? Need to break the ice at a business meeting? Armed with plenty of these Clean Edge Business Cards and a little confidence, you can accomplish anything you set out to do. The nonperforated, two-sided printable cards are extra sturdy with smooth edges for a standout way to make your message known. Take advantage of free blank and predesigned templates from avery website to design and print professional-looking business cards from your inkjet printer in minutes. Looks like this deck is really stacked in your favor. Clean, smooth edges for a professional presentation. Two-sided printing provides greater surface area to give your clients key information. Extra-sturdy, matte-coated cards feel substantial in your hand. Convenient do-it-yourself cards mean that you can make changes to your design as often as you like. Design and print from your desktop in minutes. Print only the number of cards you need. Compatible with inkjet printers. Customize and print using free templates from avery website.

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Camy Tang says:

Exactly what I wanted I don’t know what printers other people have, so be aware that I have an Epson Stylus Photo 785EPX. These cards work perfectly fine for me, I’ve never had a problem with alignment or anything like that.The ink sets immediately, no smearing. The type is crisp like a laser printer. My colors turn out great.Since this is a matte finish card, there isn’t the professional glossy look, but that’s what I wanted so I’m fine with that.It’s true these cards are not as thick as the super-professional ones like my husband got from his work, but then again they also paid a great deal more for their cards. For the cost of these, the thickness is fine.The edges are clean cut. Personally, I can only barely tell there’s perforations.I felt like I got more than my money’s worth for these cards. If I wanted a more professional look (like thicker cards, gloss), I’d naturally have to be willing to pay more.Update (9/05): The newest cards I got were significantly thicker than the older ones I had. They’re comparable to other business cards I’ve been receiving.

R. Callahan says:

Professional Gorgeous Cards These are GREAT. You can bleed off all four sides to create gorgeous full color cards on your ink jet printer. The only trick with the Microsoft Word template is to make a text box (insert menu > text box) that is larger than the table cell for each card so your graphics print beyond every edge. Or – make your own template in a design layout program. Then when you snap them apart – no white gaps. The paper is thick and the edges are crisp and clean.

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