AmazonBasics Wall Charger with USB Outlet (2.1 Amp Output)

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AmazonBasics Wall Charger with USB Outlet (2.1 Amp Output)

USB AC Wall Charger. Allows you to charge your device through a wall outlet using the USB cable of your choice.

The Input Voltage is AC100~240V ~ 50/60Hz 0.3A

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Amazonian Consumer says:

Yes, You Can Use This Charger On Kindle Fire Or iPad/iPad2!!!!! Update 11-18-2011This compact and foldable 2.1 A (2100 mA) charger can QUICKLY charge Kindle Fire or Apple iPad/iPad2 (you need a different cable for each one). It is NOT one of those “ordinary” USB chargers that outputs only 0.5 A of current.The Kindle Fire requires just 1.8A of charging current, so this charger is fine (1.8 < 2.1). It is functionally the same as Apple's 10 Watt USB charger which outputs 2.1 A, so it is also suitable for charging the iPad.You also need to buy a $6 . Do not use one intended for your cellphone; it may not work.The total cost is $16, still much cheaper than the dedicated Kindle charger which sells for $25. Apple's 10W charger costs $35.You enjoy better utility with this charger/cable combo because they are separate, and the charger prong is foldable.Additionally, the micro USB cable can be used for copying files from your computer to the Fire, and vice versa. This is the kind of cable (USB 2.0 on one end and micro USB on the other) that some reviewers were saying that Amazon should have included in the Fire box.You can check what both look like in Customer Images on this web page.The main draw of this AmazonBasics USB wall charger is the 2100 mA current output, which is required for most modern smartphones and iPad/iPad2. You get these gadgets charged the fastest with this charger.But the shape of this charger will BLOCK adjacent power outlets if it is plugged into the wall or even an extension power strip. In this respect, it is really not an improvement over Apple's 10W USB Power Adapter.This is why I also bring along a when I travel. It will allow all outlets to be used by extending the plug a few inches. With its pass through feature, a normal plug can be piggybacked on top of the extender plug, thereby doubling plug density (from 6 plugs to 12 plugs, for example), although the total power consumption still cannot exceed 1680 watts. It comes in a pack of 5, and the average cost is $2.65. I consider this a small price to pay for more convenience and flexibility.In summary, I do recommend this AmazonBasics charger because it works, is well-made, and costs only 1/3 the price of Apple's part.

Kilgore Gagarin "Those who believe in telekin... says:

Solid wall wart but you’ll have to buy a cable (or two) UPDATE 26 NOV 2012: I received one of these for review purposes and have liked it so much I’ve since bought 4 more as my all purpose charger. I use them primarily with a few of my units, a couple of tablets, and my Blackberry. Great all purpose unit (but still check the specifications).ORIGINAL REVIEW:Pros:LED light lets you know it’s workingGood for both small devices (e.g., cell phones) and larger devices (e.g., tablets)With can be used with iPads and iPhonesNice fold down plug in prongs (they don’t poke out so easier to store)Cons(iderations):You’ll need to buy extra cables to use this._____________________________________________USB wall chargers will have two “Output” values clearly printed on them, albeit in really tiny letters. This charger is listed as:Output: 5.0 VDC / 2100 MA (5.0 volts Direct Current / 2100 milliamps or 2.1 amps)Before getting an extra, or a replacement, charger for your device, check the output values listed on your existing charger, or check the documentation for the device you will be charging. You can’t go wrong if you purchase a charger with the exact volts and amps as indicated (though higher amps is OK – see below). An output of 1.0 to 2.0 amps is fairly common for many tablets. The 5.0 volts DC is also pretty common for a lot of devices.If your device requires a charger with lower amperage, such as a cell phone, this could still charge it. You can ALWAYS use a wall charger with higher amperage than your device requires. Devices PULL the amperage they need, so if your phone requires 500 MA (1/2 of an ampere) and you have this 2.1 amp charger, the extra amperage won’t hurt it – it will just be there for extra capacity. Too much amperage is not a problem.Since this product doesn’t come with an attached cable, so long as you get a cable with a standard USB plug to attach to the charger, and the other end the correct size, you should be able to charge a lot of different products. For example, my Android tablet uses a non-standard 30 pin USB connector (the kind Apple iPads and iPhones use). I use this quite nicely for my which has a factory USB wall charger rated at 1.0 amps. With a micro USB cable, I’ve also used this product to power, and charge, my 500 MA (0.5 amp) Blackberry Curve cellphone. This does require keeping multiple cables around, and swapping them out as needed.If the devices you want to charge require 500 milliamps or less, and they have a micro or mini USB port, you may want to consider the similar . Since that product comes with the cable attached you don’t have to acquire anything extra (but you can’t use it on iPads and iPhones).This is a a solid device, 5 stars because it does what it’s supposed to do. I will update and annotate over time if it turns out durability is an issue (if it breaks or falls apart I will post an update).

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